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Overwatch Developer Update Announces Upcoming Overwatch 2 Preview

Overwatch 2

On Tuesday, May 11, Aaron Keller made his first appearance on a Developer Update in place of Jeff Kaplan. The community was stunned to see Kaplan leave the Overwatch team, so Keller had to come in with big news in his first stint as the Game Director. In a short update video, Keller announced that the Overwatch team will be hosting a live stream later this month to preview new gameplay for Overwatch 2. After an exciting Overwatch 2 BlizzCon showcase, this announcement marks the first glimpse into actual gameplay.

On May 20, the Overwatch team will showcase brand new Overwatch 2 gameplay focused around the PVP side of the sequel. The development team will be working alongside Overwatch League teams to highlight the exciting new changes coming for the competitive side of the game. In this preview fans will see new maps, and most likely, new game modes. The featured maps are more than likely to be the same new locations teased at BlizzCon earlier this year.

More Overwatch 2 News to Come

Keller noted that everything that will be showcased is still a work in progress. This means anything like map layouts, character abilities, and game mode rules are not completely set in stone. If something doesn’t look super balanced, audiences can rest easy knowing that there is a chance that something will change down the line.

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Even more exciting is the news that more Overwatch 2 news is in the pipeline for 2021. Later this month, the Overwatch team will be hosting an AMA on Reddit to discuss the past five years of Overwatch. In this online Q&A session, the team also noted they plan on revealing a little bit more info on Overwatch 2 based on the questions asked. Eager fans can get their questions ready for the Reddit AMA on May 24.

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