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Overwatch: Dallas Fuel’s Support Line

The Dallas Fuel supports are one of the most consistent support lines going into OWL season two. They might not make flashy plays, but they are consistently putting up good numbers. Dallas had trouble during most of the league with the support line, not knowing who to put where. Scott “Custa” Kennedy and Sebastian “chipshajen” Widlund are the supports from season one that were traded and released, respectively. Johnathan “HarryHook” Tejedor Rua is the only support from the start of the league who is left on the Fuel. Consistency is the name of the game for the Fuel, and this season they are going to need a starting support line.


Dallas fuel supports
2018-04-04 / Photo: Robert Paul for Blizzard Entertainment

The flex support Benjamin “uNKOE” Chevasson is one of the most consistently performing Zenyatta players in the league. He is always putting up good numbers despite not being in the kill-feed much.

The special thing about uNKOE’s Zenyatta play is his ultimate efficiency. Almost all of the fights where uNKOE uses Transcendence his team ends up winning. He was picked up mid-season and took a starting role; he will likely be doing the same during season two.

The Frenchman also plays an amazing Ana. While not showing it during the league, his Ana is a huge clutch factor in games. During his time on Rogue and in the World Cup, uNKOE hit some of the most game saving Sleepdarts onto Nanoboosted Genjis and Winstons. The meta for season two of OWL is still up in the air, but uNKOE has his place on the Fuel.

Dallas fuel supports
Courtesy of Robert Paul from Blizzard Entertainment


The main support of the Dallas Fuel. HarryHook is a formidable Lucio and Mercy player that serves the shot-caller for Dallas. He is a positive influence for the team and a clear voice during games.

HarryHook is a consistent Mercy that may not do flashy plays, but there aren’t any worries about him being out of position or under performing.

As for Lucio, he is a team player that doesn’t try to go for risky frags. Lucio is a hero that can be worked into almost any composition and is necessary for GOATS if it is played during the season.


Dallas fuel supports
Courtesy of London Spitfire

Fuel’s new addition of Son-Wik “Closer” Jung is an extremely promising addition that will likely be starting over HarryHook. Previously on the London Spitfire, Closer was the substitute Main Support.

Closer has a skill that the Fuel can definitely use to their advantage: he can track enemy ultimates within a few percent.

His challenge for the team will be communication. He previously played on an all Korean roster, and he will now likely have to learn English in order to communicate with the rest of the team. Despite that, he is a dependable player and a force to be reckoned with.

Closer will need to develop a synergy with uNKOE in order for the rest of the team to thrive. A solid backline can quietly carry any team to victory, and this new addition will need to adapt to his new team environment and become acquainted with how Dallas operates.

There are doubts that Dallas will struggle again this season, but the new pickups and consistent roster will make this team a powerhouse.

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