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Overwatch Competitive Season 21 Map Pool Skips Paris Once Again

season 21 map pool

The new season of Overwatch’s Competitive mode is finally here, bringing with it a new map pool for players to enjoy. Season 21 brings back some old fan favorites but also brings back a few maps that others may have preferred to stay out of rotation. Whatever one’s feelings about the current map pool are, here are the maps that will be in the rotation for Competitive Season 21:

Season 21 Map Pool:

Assault: Hanamura, Volkaya Industries, Horizon Lunar Colony
Escort: Watchpoint: Gibraltar, Dorado, Junkertown
Hybrid: King’s Row, Hollywood, Blizzard World
Control: Lijiang Tower, Oasis, Busan

season 21 map pool

In addition to the new map pool, players will also be playing their Competitive games on the new Hero Pool system. We’ll update which heroes are in rotation each week in this article, so make sure and stay tuned. Otherwise, be sure to check out our latest Hero Tier List to best know how to navigate the new competitive landscape.

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