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New ‘Bounty Hunter’ Brawl in the 2021 Lunar New Year Event

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The Lunar New Year event is back, and with it come a few familiar game modes. But there is also one strikingly new one in Overwatch – ‘Bounty Hunter’. This new mode will add another level of challenge to the standard deathmatch. It will become a regular part of the Arcade once the event ends.

In Bounty Hunter, the first player to eliminate another becomes the ‘Target’. As the Target, that player starts to glow and is visible through walls. It is then the job of all the other players to hunt down and eliminate this player. Whoever delivers the finishing blow to the Target will become the new target until they are killed.

Competitive Capture-the-Flag and Capture-the-Flag Blitz have also returned for the event. While not the most popular game modes, these do have a different appeal and their own share of dedicated fans. The competitive mode will let players acquire competitive points for their next gold gun. On the flip side, Blitz is a chaotic, fast-paced brawl to let loose and just have some fun.

The event will be live from February 4-25, with brand-new skins and other cosmetics to collect. Stay tuned to The Game Haus for more Overwatch news and event news.

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