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Overwatch: Baptiste Spotify Playlist Released

baptiste spotify

Baptiste is now not only playable on the PTR, but Spotify users can now enjoy a custom playlist tailored to the hero, as well. A link to Baptiste’s Spotify playlist can be found here.

Spotify user Ryan Patrick has been creating Spotify playlists fitted to each of the 30 Overwatch heroes since early on in Overwatch’s history. Each time a new hero arrives, expect Patrick to have a playlist made within the first few days.

baptiste spotify
Ryan Patrick’s custom cover art for Baptiste’s playlist

These playlists are unique in that they capture the essence of the character, based on their lore and observable personality. Each has its own custom made album artwork and short blurb giving Patrick’s justification for the genre of music chosen.

[Related: Prior to Baptiste, Patrick had most recently created playlists for Ashe and Bob. More on those playlists, here.]

Here is what the playlist’s creator, Patrick, had to say about Baptiste:

“Channeling his desire to break the cycle of violence he faced as an orphaned child, Baptiste’s playlist utilizes the sounds of 2000s underground hip hop with a bent towards conscious intellect. His high-skill play style and elite combat background are reflected in this playlists complex battle rhymes.”

Artists like The Roots, Mos Def, Black Star, and even Ozzy Ozzborn appear on the playlist, which certainly works to give the playlist an edginess that fits with Baptiste’s angst-filled personality. Listening to this playlist harkens back to an era of hip hop overshadowed by more mainstream artists like Eminem, Dr. Dre and 50 Cent. It calls listeners, like Baptiste, into the underground. Into something more authentic and cerebral.

So, whether it is for some background music while streaming, seeking a way to more deeply connect with the 30th hero or simply out of a desire for a good collection of 2000s intelligent hip hop, this playlist offers something for just about everyone.

But, if hip hop isn’t a personal favorite, have no fear. Information about his playlists made for the other OW heroes in this Reddit thread. This thread links to a previous article written for The Game Haus that initially highlighted Patrick’s OW playlists. Since the release of this article and this Reddit thread, most playlists have garnered several thousand new followers and listeners.


In addition to his playlists about Overwatch, Spotify user Ryan Patrick also has a great deal of other incredible playlists recounting different hip hop kingdoms and much more. Go check him out!


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Yes, there are Spotify playlists tailored to each Overwatch Hero March 22, 2020 at 2:26 pm

[…] Overwatch’s newest hero Sigma, which was just released today. He also has playlists made for Baptiste and Ashe/Bob. Each playlist is paired with a custom-made piece of album artwork that even further […]


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