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Overwatch Archives Event Drops Today

As seems to be the new normal, the latest Overwatch seasonal event has dropped with almost no previous fanfare. The 2020 Archives event appears to have no new story missions, but features the same missions from the three previous years with new options for increased difficulty.

Uprising, Retribution and Storm Rising will be available with new challenge modes like Molten Cores, in which enemies erupt into a miniature Torbjorn ultimate upon death, and Close Quarters, requiring players to get up close and personal with enemies in order to do damage.

The event features a slate of fantastic new cosmetic items, including five legendary skins, three epic skins, a single emote and two highlight intros. A host of cosmetics from previous years will also be unlocked. The three epic skins (Bear Mei, Rustclad Torbjorn, and Holi Symmetra) will be available to earn each week. The five new legendary skins show off Zarya in some casual workout getup, Pharah in some cool aviator sunglasses, and Ana as a desert-colored sniper. Junkrat and Roadhog also get a pair of skins, Junkrat as King Jamison, and Roadhog as a camo-style militia member.

Image Courtesy of Blizzard Entertainment

Archives runs from March 12 to April 2, with different skins and challenge modes that will unlock throughout the month.

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