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Overwatch Archives Weekly Challenge Breakdown

Overwatch Season 29 Start Date

The slate of new Overwatch epic skins is here, and with that comes some new challenges throughout the next few weeks. In addition to the normal “win nine games” challenge, and a host of other fantastic cosmetic items, Archives is introducing a whole new playlist of special PvE modes for those who wish to test their mettle.

New challenges are unlocked every week, and are specific to each story activity.

Week 1 Cosmetic Challenge Rewards:

Holi Symmetra Player Icon (3)

Symmetra Holi Spray (6)

Holi Symmetra Skin (9)

Holi Symmetra Overwatch Archives

Screencap courtesy of Blizzard Entertainment

This colorful skin is in reference to Holi, a Hindu holiday that celebrates the coming of spring. During “the festival of colors,” celebrants throw colorful powder and dance to traditional music. This powdered dye is called gulal, and participants will often come away from Holi celebrations covered in the stuff. Holi is celebrated on the last full moon of the Hindu calendar month Phalguna, which fell this year on March 10.

Week 1 Challenge Modes:

Molten Cores: Once Null Sector enemies meet their demise, a pool of lava similar to a miniature Torbjorn ultimate spawns where they fall. Watch where you step. Particularly with Slicers, who are small but numerous, the phrase “the floor is lava” becomes reality very quickly.

Glass Cannon: Players have a third of their health, and deal a lot more damage. Baptiste is great for this mode, since his Immortality Field prevents players from getting instantly mowed down by the incoming fire.

Week 2 Cosmetic Challenge Rewards:

Rustclad Torbjörn Player Icon (3)

Indigestion Spray (6)

Rustclad Torbjorn Skin (9)

Rustclad Torbjorn Overwatch Archives
Image Courtesy of Blizzard Entertainment

Rustclad does not have a specific lore entry, nor does the skin have a real-world connection like Holi. However, it does round out Torbjorn’s collection of metal-themed armors rather nicely.

Week 2 Challenge Modes:

Surgical Strike: Only critical hits do damage. Fittingly, this is a great mode to practice hitting headshots. Grab McCree in Story mode or another hitscan in All Heroes mode and channel your inner Carpe.

Close Quarters: Players will have to get up close and personal in order to do damage. Talon Enforcers and their shotguns will be the biggest threat, especially at higher levels. Reinhardt, Zarya and Junkrat are good picks for this mode on All Heroes.

Week 3 Cosmetic Challenge Rewards:

Snowbear Player Icon (3)

Bear Hug Spray (6)

Snow Bear Skin (9)

Snow Bear Mei Overwatch Archives
Image Courtesy of Blizzard Entertainment

Like Rustclad, there isn’t anything overtly lore-related about Bear Mei besides the fact that it’s absolutely adorable.

Week 3 Challenge Modes:

Blood Moon Rising: No support heroes allowed. To the dismay of the Reddit Lucios of the world, this challenge mode disallows any support heroes. Heroes can heal themselves by doing damage. While the developers have not yet revealed in detail how this works, the emphasis will surely be on making sure players take as little damage in the first place as possible.

Storm Raging: Some enemies are “enraged,” and killing those enemies spreads the rage to other combatants. From the visual effects present on the “enraged” Talon soldiers in the cinematic, this may function similar to Ana’s Nanoboost. However, as the rage effect spreads to the other soldiers upon death, players have a new risk/reward element to consider.

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