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Overwatch Announces the 2021 PachiMarchi Challenge

Overwatch PachiMarchi Challenge

The world could always use more plushies. On Tuesday March 9, Overwatch kicked off a brand new event for the month of March. The PachiMarchi Challenge is a new three week long challenge for players to earn new sprays, emotes, and ultimately an epid Roadhog skin. The event focuses on the ever-loveable Overwatch icon Pachimari.

The event was announced just a day before on Monday March 8. The latest Overwatch event comes off the heels of an exciting Lunar New Year event packed filled with new skins for fan favorite characters. Now for the month of March, players can hop in to any Arcade, Quick Play, or Competitive game and start earning rewards for wins. To get the newest skin, players will need to win nine matches.

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The Pachimari is a plush toy that can often be found around different maps in Overwatch. Most notably, they are in the Claw-Machine games in the Hanamura arcade – you know, the one that everyone destroys before the match starts. Of all the characters in Overwatch, Roadhog is the one with the largest love of the silly onion dolls. He has several sprays depicting himself either hooking a Pachimari or even running away with one. One of Roadhog’s best emotes features him pulling out a Pachimari in secret to play with his favorite toy for just a moment before needing to get back to the action. It’s only fitting that the terrifying off tank would receive the PachiMarchi Challenge skin.

Players can get into the action and start earning new collectibles from now until March 22.

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