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Overwatch Announces Start Date for the 2021 Lunar New Year Event

Overwatch 2021 Lunar Event

Long after the date fans were expected to hear news, the Overwatch team finally delivered. On Monday February 1, Overwatch announced the official start date of the popular Lunar New Year event – this time titled Year of the Ox. The event will run from February 4 to February 25.

As with every new event, fans can expect a full slate of new skins, emotes, and sprays to unlock. Through each week of the event players will most likely earn skins through winning nine games just, similar to the Winter Wonderland event. Though audiences don’t know who will be the lucky recipient of the event themed skins, but Overwatch will surely announce more information later this week.

Unfortunately it is unlikely that players will see a new game mode for the event. Typically the Lunar New Year events don’t have any special modes similar to the Winter Wonderland and Halloween Terror events. There could be a surprise in store however, just like Kanezaka was a surprise release for audiences not too long ago. Or better yet, there could be a new game mode specifically made for Kanezaka.

With the Lunar New Year event date set, players can get ready for some Year of the Ox themed loot boxes for rewards as they play. There are still plenty of characters that have yet to receive a legendary skin for the event. Maybe this is the year those snubbed heroes can get their turn for an exciting new Lunar New Year themed cosmetic. Keep a look out for more information for skins and other collectibles as they are announced.

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