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Overwatch Announces Cross-Play in Latest Developer Update

Overawtch Cross-Play Update

The Overwatch team has another big change in store in the near future. On Wednesday, June 6, Aaron Keller and the Overwatch development team released a new developer update. This developer update revealed that Overwatch will be introducing cross-play capabilities. The new update will allow players from both console and PC to play with one another.

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Cross-play functionality comes to Overwatch thanks to a global update that occurred earlier today. Players can now queue up with anyone that has Overwatch, whether they are on PC, Xbox, Switch, or Playstation. This cross-play update focuses on allowing players to hop into any non-competitive game mode with a group of both PC and console players.

In the spirit of competitive integrity, cross-play is not enabled for competitive queues. PC players cannot queue up with console players and console players won’t be matched up with PC players. The two groups will be split into two separate pools to ensure no match is comprised of a mix of PC and console players.

The Overwatch team also announced a small gift to commemorate the big news. All players on any platform will receive a golden lootbox. There is no additional work needed for the reward. Just log into Overwatch, and the little gift will be waiting there for all players to celebrate the occasion.

Cross-play is a big step forward for allowing players to play with their friends despite different platforms. The news also most likely means Overwatch 2 will be cross-play as well. For any other questions, the Overwatch team has a helpful FAQ on the site. Check out the FAQ here!

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