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Overwatch Announces Ashe’s Deadlock Challenge Event

Deadlock Challenge Event

It’s time to grab a pair of boots and a premier leather jacket. On Tuesday June 22, the Overwatch team announced a brand new event. Ashe’s Deadlock Challenge event kicks off this week. The new challenge centers around Ashe and her faithful butler B.O.B. Players have the chance to earn sprays and skins by playing games of Overwatch over the two week period.

During the event, players earn points towards certain tiers in order to receive awards. The first tier is a player icon, with the second tier rewarding an in-game spray, and the very last tier will award players with a brand new legendary Ashe skin. Of course, B.O.B receives some new threads in the legendary skin as well.

Deadlock Challenge Event
Courtesy of Blizzard Entertainment

Players also can earn rewards by watching streamers on Twitch during the event. After watching a certain amount of hours on specific streamers, players will earn in-game sprays. Every spray awarded from viewing streams will be added to a player’s account once the hourly threshold has been reached. Make sure to check that the stream has drops enabled in order for the viewing hours to count towards the rewards.

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Ashe’s Deadlock Challenge runs from June 22 to July 5. Players can only earn these Deadlock Gang themed skins during this window. Luckily players won’t need to win their games to warn points, but it does speed it up the process. Points can be earned in any matchmade game mode, so hop onto the game now and start earning points towards Ashe’s classic Deadlock skin.

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