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Overwatch Anniversary 2022 Skins Gallery

Overwatch Anniversary 2022 Skins

According to the press release, this is the first of three new Overwatch events called the Overwatch Anniversary Remix events. Like the previous Anniversary events, all of the cosmetics will be unlocked along with new versions of their favorite Legendary skins. Here are the Overwatch Anniversary 2022 Remix Volume 1 Skins.

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Demon Genji

Evermore Reaper

Mage Mercy

Steelhardt Reinhardt

Overwatch Anniversary Remix Volume 1 Skins

White Cat D.Va

Overwatch Anniversary Remix Volume 1 Skins

Zealot Zenyatta

It will be interesting to see what the other skins will be in the next two volumes for these events. They are likely going to be the other heroes who are not featured here. These will likely be the most popular skins amongst each hero. There is no doubt that these skins will be as popular as their original counterparts.

What is worth noting is that this event is a month earlier than normal. It runs right up to the Overwatch 2 Beta start which is likely not a coincidence. But what is worth thinking about is the Archives event. Normally this runs in April but instead, the new event is taking its place. Will it be run during May or are the Anniversary events the end of events as the Overwatch fans know them?

These are questions worth wondering about as 2022 will likely be the last year people will be playing just on Overwatch Original. Especially with the beta coming up in just a few weeks, fans will likely be excited to jump in the new gameplay. Now all fans can enjoy Overwatch Original while the game is still operating as it has for the past six years.

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