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Overwatch: A Look at Every Undefeated Team this Stage

Undefeated Stages in OWL were highly unusual in Season 1, but they seem to be much easier in Season 2. This is likely because of the shorter overall season. Despite this, however, undefeated stages are still quite the accomplishment.

At least, they were. That statement is becoming more and more questionable as more and more teams begin to come ever closer to undefeated stages. It seemed very possible that five teams could hit the undefeated stage mark this stage, although only three are still in the hunt for that title. Are these three teams really taking the league by storm, or were they blessed with easier schedules than normal?

Los Angeles Gladiators

Overwatch Undefeated Teams
Image Courtesy of the Los Angeles Gladiators

The Gladiators didn’t have the greatest Stage 1, so seeing them beat many tough teams this stage has been a sigh of relief from fans. A 6-0 record isn’t shabby to begin with, but the Gladiators have actually had a relatively tough schedule. The Dragons and the Dynasty are both in the stage playoff hunt, and both took one of their L’s in their matchup against the Gladiators.

The Hunters have also been their usual wildcard self, so taking a game off of them is always a sigh of relief. The Gladiators also took care of business against the Mayhem, the Charge and the Valiant.

This is definitely not the toughest schedule in the world. Spoiler alert: none of the undefeated teams had an especially difficult schedule. But some of these wins were not cakewalks in the slightest. The Gladiators may be undefeated, but they certainly aren’t invincible. And they are definitely on shakier footing than the other two undefeated teams.

San Francisco Shock

Overwatch Undefeated Teams
Image Courtesy of the San Francisco Shock

Where to start with these guys. A very real argument can be made about the lack of challenge in the Shock’s schedule. Playing the struggling Defiant and the decent but unspectacular Spark squad were the toughest matches the Shock played. Also playing the under-performing Valiant and a struggling Charge squad twice definitely allowed the Shock to chalk up a couple easy wins.

However, it’s the context that matters here. The Shock are currently the only team to have not dropped a map the entire stage.

That’s impressive no matter what team is being played. San Francisco are often considered to be one of the best teams this stage.

Of course, many think that another team still holds that crown.

Vancouver Titans

Overwatch Undefeated Teams
Image Courtesy of the Vancouver Titans

The fact that the Shock are often still considered second best in the league behind these guys even after the stage that they are having is testament to how insanely good they really are.

The Titans, once again, have not had the toughest of stages. They’ve played the struggling Outlaws and the Spark. But Seoul isn’t a total walk in the park, and neither are Boston or the Fuel.

This team is just insanely good. They work together with synergy that very few teams can even match. The fact that many people will give their opponents credit if they even make it a little close is pretty telling. Their Runaway, for crying out loud.

How long will these teams be able to keep this up?


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Featured Photo Courtesy of the San Francisco Shock

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