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Overwatch 2021 Winter Wonderland Event Start Date

Overwatch 2021 Winter Wonderland

Like a Reaper looking for a match-winning Death Blossom, December really snuck up on everyone. There is no doubt that 2021 has been another long year and players are ready for the best and final event of the year. The Overwatch 2021 Winter Wonderland event is finally right around the corner. New skins and collectibles are on the horizon, but when can players get their hands on all the holiday-themed goodies?

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While there hasn’t been an official announcement for a release date, there are certainly a few dates that would line up with the release of the event in the past. Overwatch’s 2021 Winter Wonderland event will be here in a few days.

There is the potential for a delayed release of the Winter Wonderland event. On par for 2020 and 2021, Overwatch could try and push back the release and have players wait an additional week for their winter games. If that is the case, players could expect a longer window to earn Winter Wonderland loot boxes. Starting the new year with some brand new legendary skins doesn’t seem so bad after all.

Following the past schedule for Overwatch releases, players can typically expect the latest event content to drop on the second or third Tuesday of the month. Last year the Winter Wonderland event was available on December 15, and it would make sense to see Overwatch stick to the same process. Though Blizzard has yet to mention anything about the popular holiday event, they do like to surprise their audience once in a while with a surprise announcement.

That means that the event will likely be either Tuesday, December 7 or Tuesday, December 14. The more likely option would be the one that starts on December 14 as December 21 would be too close or in the middle of most holidays.

It has been confirmed that the Overwatch 2021 Winter Wonderland start on Thursday, December 16.

The Game Haus will continue to provide updates on the winter event’s potential start date, what skins fans can expect, and much more in the coming weeks. 

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