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Overwatch 2020 Anniversary Emotes

Overwatch Anniversary 2021

Rejoice Overwatch fans the 2020 Anniversary event has arrived bringing a slew of changes, updates, and skins. Yet the most important of it all is, of course, the emotes. The 2020 Anniversary emotes are sure to please fans of delightful dancing and chilled out struts.

This year the dev team has gifted three wonderful new emotes for Sigma, Roadhog, and Echo respectively. Finally giving Sigma and Echo the ability to dance along with the rest of the Overwatch heroes. While also giving Roadhog maybe a dangerous amount of swag.


2020 Anniversary Emote- Sigma
Courtesy of Blizzard.

Cost in coin: 750.


2020 Anniversary Emote- Echo
Courtesy of Blizzard.

Cost in coin: 750


2020 Anniversary Emote- Roadhog
Courtesy of Blizzard.

Cost in Coin: 750

Pick up the 2020 Anniversary Emotes starting today!

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