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Overwatch 2 Officially Announced, No Information Yet on Cost or Release Date

overwatch 2

During the Blizzcon 2019 Opening Ceremony, Overwatch 2 was officially announced. The announcement video featured a new cinematic, gameplay footage and much more content, all of which can now be seen on the new and updated PlayOverwatch website.

Of the most significant changes coming are updates coming to the engine of the game, new characters, new maps, a new PVP mode called Push, updates to the appearances of several heroes, new in-game items and new cosmetic updates to the characters. More information on all of this will continue to be revealed as the rest of the weekend at Blizzcon moves forward.

overwatch 2 new maps
Image Courtesy of Blizzard Entertainmant

What DON’T  We Know?

Fans are still waiting to find out more about how much the game will cost, when it will become available and much more. These questions have not been answered at Blizzcon.

The Game Haus will continue to provide updates on this as information comes out.



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