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Overview of the August 22 Overwatch PTR Patch Notes

overwatch ptr patch notes

According to, Overwatch’s latest set of PTR patch notes are officially here. These will likely see some slight alterations before going live later on, but should reflect the direction the developers generally want to go. It’s a direction, many fear, that could lead to the end of Zarya’s playtime for the foreseeable future.

Hero Buffs/Nerfs

Here is an image that shows all of the changes coming to several heroes in the latest PTR patch notes, which includes Bastion, Symmetra, Zarya and Sigma.

overwatch ptr patch notes
Image Courtesy of Blizztrack

The significant nerfs here come to Zarya and Symmetra. These two beam characters were slightly buffed in the latest patch and Symmetra had even begun to see more regular game time as a result. Zarya, however, has struggled to get played as-is, so these patch notes will likely render her near unplayable.

Sigma has some things touched up as developers continue to toggle with his intricate kit. He will likely continue to see changes coming through the pipeline as the weeks go on.

Workshop Updates

According to some in the OW community, the workshop changes coming in these patch notes look to be quite significant. Just look at what Ridouan “ioStux” Bouzrou has to say:

For reference, here are the workshop changes that ioStux is referring to:

overwatch ptr patch notes
Image Courtesy of Blizztrack

It appears that these changes will allow players to create workshops that can, essentially, make controllable or non-controllable dummies to practice aim with. Not only that, but players can quickly destroy them or move them to check sightlines, projectile angles and much more. This will likely be a feature that is only used by more serious players, but is one that could prove useful nonetheless.

Other than these changes, there is an update to how the PTR and main client are installed that should help players to save space on their PC. Those can be seen in more detail through the link provided at the top of this article.


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