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Official 2-2-2 Role Lock Announcement Teased for Thursday’s Stage 4 Preview Episode of Watchpoint

Official OWL 2-2-2 Announcement

During the Stage 3 Playoff Finals, there were a few not-so-subtle hints that a 2-2-2 role lock announcement will be coming soon. Casters and analysts made sure to remind viewers that a “very important” announcement will be coming during the Watchpoint Stage 4 Preview Show, which is set to take place on Thursday, July 18 at 4 pm PT on the OWL Twitch channel.

OWL caster, Achillios, was the first to tease something big. During the finals matchup, he promoted the upcoming episode, saying that “Puckett and the crew will be breaking down everything you need to know heading into our final stage of the season, and might even have a few surprises announcements up their sleeves, so you don’t want to miss it.”

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At this point, fans could choose what they wanted to take away from that. Maybe a new hero announcement could be in the works? Maybe an exciting new game mode? It could have been up for debate at that point. But then, to close out the broadcast, the Watchpoint desk made it all very clear what was coming this Thursday.

Just look at Soe, Bren and Sideshow’s hands during the send-off. Puckett gives the thumbs up saying, “Yes, it’s happening. This is what you think it is.” all while the other three line up their hands in the exact pattern: 2-2-2.

Official OWL 2-2-2 Announcement
Image Courtesy of the OWL stream

Is this truly a hint at the coming 2-2-2 role lock or the makings of a jebait on the grandest of scales? Or, could there be both a 2-2-2 announcement and a new hero announcement coming up? Or, maybe the debut of the Summer Games? The simplest way to find out is to make sure and tune in to this special episode of Watchpoint on Thursday at 4 pm PT.


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