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NYXL: On Top in the Offseason

The Overwatch League offseason can be a trying time for fans. Nail biting contract deadlines, shocking roster moves and unexpected retirements keep the community on edge while they guess the future of their favorite teams. The NYXL are no stranger to the importance of offseason supporter engagement and have been utilizing social media to keep their fanbase strong.

Since the start of the inaugural season, the veteran team has been known for their excellent community management. They’ve continued this tradition in the 2019 off-season in two main areas: fan engagement tweets and consistent player content.

Getting Twitterpated

The NYXL twitter feed has been regularly producing conversation-starting content. The account posts multiple times a day, asking fans about everything from their favorite heroes to the origin behind their gamertags. This type of engagement encourages the community to get in the conversation, with both the team and each other. The broad range of questions allows space for the fandom to create a dialogue.

Several NYXL fans chose their NYXL avatar based on their phone battery, based on one tweet. Another post that got fans talking asked what would be the most OP result of an ult swap between heroes. The fans showed off their game balancing prowess by suggesting remixes such as Pilot D.Va with Primal Rage and giving Mercy’s Valkyrie ability to Bastion.

The NYXL account pairs these gems with cohesive and well-done graphics, giving their posts a distinctively “NYXL” look and feel.


The team’s thriving community extends beyond the official NYXL social media accounts. Several NYXL players regularly post to Twitter and Instagram, providing another angle of content for fans to connect with.

Following Sung-hyeon “JJoNak” Bang on Instagram will have fans ready for dinner with his frequently food-themed stories, showcasing his ability to flex on a restaurant menu as well as a stage. For the fan more suited to cute animal photos, look no further than the accounts of Jong-ryeol “Saebyeolbe” Park. The team captain keeps both his Twitter and Instagram well stocked with photos of his adorable dog, BB. While one won’t find any leaks on these accounts, some fans may find themselves hoping Dong-gyu “Mano” Kim will let slip his skincare routine, as his selfie skills always cap point.

The NYXL keep their community hyped with content that help fans get to know their players, old and new. Video question-and-answer sessions, interviews, and clip montages highlight the camaraderie between teammates and help viewers feel a sense of kinship to their favorite team.

On Top in the Off-Season

Courtesy of Robert Paul for Blizzard Entertainment.

The NYXL and their fans have built an empire. Their supporter club, the 5 Deadly Venoms is heralded as the gold standard among clubs. 5DV’s groundbreaking approach to community building has earned them the utmost respect among their peers.

Keeping a fandom connected through the off-season requires more than shocking roster moves and statistical recaps. The months between season can feel like a desert when fresh content is sparse and organizations remain quiet. The NYXL have traversed this chasm easily, by allowing fans access to the team through an abundance of small engagements. Instead of a few large-scale productions, they opt for frequent peeks into the regular everyday happenings of the team. All while maintaining a huge build-up of excitement for the season to come.

The NYXL will host the first Homestand of the season February 8-9th at the Hammerstein Ballroom in NYC. An excellent breakdown of ticket pricing for the entire Atlantic North division as well as season pass information and offered add-ons can be found here.

Season 3 is coming soon, and the community is ready. Ever Upward!


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