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Home Venue Report: New York Excelsior

The NYXL have always been a threat in Overwatch League play. Some of the best to ever play the game have played for the XL. It’s only fitting that a powerhouse such as this plays in a city that also plays host to teams like the New York Yankees. The residents of NYC will be treated to a homegame this season as well. Here’s what the XL have to look forward to.

Stadium Report: New York City

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Oh boy, where to even start. New York City plays host to more professional sports teams than one could count on their hands. Listing every single stadium that plays host to a New York City team would make this piece way too long, so this will stick to the highlights. There’s Yankee Stadium, home of the Evil Empire. There’s Barclays Center, where OWL had its first Grand Finals. Who could forget Citi Field, Shea Stadiums weird offspring. Finally, there’s MetLife Stadium, football stadium extraordinaire. And that doesn’t even get into the multitude of other stadiums, fields, and venues that litter the biggest City in the United States. When it comes to the sheer amount of sports venues, New York is hard to match.

Venue Report: Hammerstein Ballroom

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Calling the Hammerstein Ballroom a “Stadium” isn’t quite right, but this is definitely a venue that the NYXL can be proud of. The ballroom obviously does the standard ballroom antics, but other things happen there as well. Many notable musical acts have visited and played at the ballroom. Some of the more notable ones include Britney Spears, 30 Seconds to Mars, David Bowie, and Incubus. Wrestling events have also been held here. It’s definitely a notable venue, and the NYXL can be proud to call it home.


New York is a major city, and the NYXL have big shoes to fill right now. This venue may not be quite as well known as places like Yankee Stadium, but its still fitting for the XL. NY fans will have a quality place to cheer for their squad.


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