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New Overwatch Comic Series Announced

overwatch new comic

For the first time since 2018, a new Overwatch comic has been released. The new issue, titled “London Calling” revolves around Lena Oxton, aka Tracer, as she tries to navigate life after the dissolution of the Overwatch team. This series is a collaboration with Dark Horse Comics, and is written by Mariko Tamaki and illustrated by Babs Tarr. The issue in its entirety can be found here, and a new issue will be added each month going forwards.

The story within this new comic arc shows Tracer struggling to find fulfillment in the wake of Overwatch’s disbandment. Spending her time stopping petty crooks, she cannot help but long for her old team. While chasing down an omnic accused of stealing, this episode sees her with a change of heart. The cruel reality of discrimination against omnics sets in, to the point they must steal to survive. After a long conversation with this omnic named Iggy, they take a trip to her flat in the omnic Underworld.

Iggy and Tracer bond over a shared love for vinyl records, particularly The Clash, The Ramones, and The Beatles. They all seem to prefer ‘human music’, noting that it has ‘soul’ whereas omnic music does not. But despite the good vibes, on her way out Tracer is accosted by a group of omnics. They do not trust her and say she is not welcome in the underworld. “No omnic needs the help of a human. Not even you, Lena Oxton.”

The upcoming issues will continue this story. The next one will see Tracer’s cause noticed by two opposing leaders, Mondatta and Kace. Fans recognize Mondatta as a champion of omnic-human relations, but Kace is an unknown character that ‘distrusts humans.’ Only time will tell what’s in store for this new Overwatch comic arc.

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