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New Name for Overwatch McCree Revealed

McCree Overwatch New Name

After the Blizzard lawsuit including the man McCree from Overwatch was named after, the Overwatch team said that the beloved character would be getting a name change. This is something that they will be doing from now on with all of their future additions to the game. Now it is time to get to know the character in a different way. Here is the New Name for McCree in Overwatch.

Checkout the tweet from the Overwatch official Twitter below.

Cole Cassidy will be the new name for McCree from Overwatch. This seems like a fitting name as Cassidy has been a cowboy or an outlaw-type name for characters in the past. There is no doubt that after all of the trouble that has come with the Blizzard lawsuit that a change was needed. This will hopefully allow for the character in  Cassidy to be able to separate from the situation.

The team do a great job of showing that this is more than just a necessary change. Instead it clearly a part of the story. Cassidy being an outlaw or renegade in the world of Overwatch was running from his past. Now that he is on a path for good, he can start being the man that he always wanted to be.

In terms of a character arc, fans should be extremely happy. Even with it coming from a terrible situation, the ability to make this something even more positive when it comes to a change in name will help to make the change stick.

There will still be those who call Cassidy by his old name. Hopefully, more so as a slipup than intentionally, but regardless the change has been named and Cole Cassidy can now be a character unto his own.

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