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New JJoNaK Zenyatta Skin is now Reportedly Available in-Game

jjonak zenyatta skin

As it was announced earlier in the week, JJoNaK’s 2018 OWL MVP skin would be set to go live today on Overwatch. The OWL Twitter account confirmed that news today with the following tweet:

Many had speculated how much the skin would cost, however, today it was revealed that the new skin would cost 200 tokens. Yet, at the time of this release, the skin was not available for purchase anywhere in-game. There was no download available on nor was there any spot in-game to purchase the skin, both on the “Overwatch League” tab or simply on the “Hero Gallery.”

We will continue to provide updates as to where the skin can be purchased in-game and when it is officially for sale and available to buy.

[Update at 11 am CST: Sources tell The Game Haus that the tweet announcing the new skin was accidentally pushed out too early. The skin is then reported to be available at 1:00 pm CST, according to sources.]

[Update at 1:00 pm CST: The skin is now available in-game, happy playing!]


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