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Move Over Profit, D.Va is the Real MVP

Move Over Profit, D.Va is the Real MVP

There is no doubt in any of our minds that Kim “Profit” Jun-hyung was the player most deserving of the OWL Finals MVP. But, the case has not yet been made as to which hero is most deserving of MVP. Was it Widowmaker? Hanzo? Mei? No, the hero which takes home the OWL Finals MVP is none other than the friendly neighborhood mech, D.Va.

It seemed like D.Va was constantly winning fights for both teams across the entire series. Whether it was with her consistent damage, her massive bombs, or her timely defense matrix, its clear D.Va was key for both Philly and London in the finals.

To prove it, let’s look back at the top five most high-impact D.Va moments from the Finals. These are ranked based on the skill involved with the play and their importance in the series for their respective teams.

Number 1: Fury Turns the Tide

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Philly had London stuck up to this point and looked like they had Volskaya locked down. This is the exact moment that turned the tide for the Spitfire and sent the Fusion reeling. Although it is not the most eye-catching, this bomb removes the enemy Mercy and allows London the opportunity to move in. This is the moment that marks London’s dominance of the Grand Finals. Without this D.Va bomb, we may be looking at a different champion.

Number 2: Poko on the Edge

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Poko had a knack for getting huge D.Va bombs all series, and this may have been the biggest. Poko places

this just right on the end of the ledge. This, combined with the well-placed Graviton, gave Philly the play they needed to get point A on a Volskaya match that none of us will ever forget.

Number 3: Sliding Through Junkertown

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Everyone was hoping that this was going to the moment that gave the Fusion their life back on Match Day 2. And, really, it should have been. Poko’s placement of this D.Va bomb gave London no place to hide and, at the very least, made for a more interesting Junkertown.

Number 4: Boxing Philly Out

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This is another moment that will leave the Fusion scratching their heads this off-season. The Fusion had London in a great hold on Eichenwalde until this push. The D.Va bomb here may not look all that impressive from the eye test, however, what it provided in zoning is what allowed for the subsequent push to happen. This forced the Fusion out of position and allowed the rest of the team to move in. After that, there is also a really nice couple of follow-up kills from Fury to seal the point.

Number 5: Poko Yells, “Kobe!”

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We couldn’t just have one highlight from that legendary Volskaya map. Poko’s 2K stopped London in their tracks, minus Profit, and helped temporarily swing momentum back to Philly. These are the kinds of well-placed aerial D.Va bombs we love to see.



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