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More Tanks and Supports are Coming in the Future for Overwatch

On TimTheTatman’s stream he and Overwatch Developer Jeff Kaplan revealed the new hero Echo. Much to the community’s chagrin, she is another DPS hero. But do not worry, Daddy Jeff is not forgetting about the support and tanks players. The cavalry is coming to help soon.

During the stream, Kaplan said that the team has “multiple tanks and supports in development.” While he failed to elaborate further, that will not prevent potential speculation on who those heroes may be. One of the potential tanks will likely be Mauga. The Overwatch Dev crew have subtly hinted at the intention to make him a playable character. Another potential character that may be in the works is the long theorized Junker Queen. No one knows who it will be, but do not worry. Daddy Jeff and company are looking out for the non-DPS players.

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