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Mercy’s Resurrect: A potential change incoming

Mercy's resurrect

It seems the hits just keep on coming to Mercy’s Resurrect. On Thursday Josh Engen, community manager for Overwatch, took to the forums to share some changes being tested. Those changes being that Mercy’s Resurrect will no longer reset or have a reduced cooldown when Valkyrie is used. We assume that these changes are responding to how the ability and Valkyrie currently work together in the game.

Mercy’s resurrect: The more things change…

Resurrect was changed because it encouraged players to hide and wait for the huge rez. Blizzard hoped the changes would do away with that play style. Unfortunately the way that Mercy’s Resurrect and Valkyrie work together now still encourages that to a degree.

Valkyrie’s cooldown reset and reduction allows players to rez two players back in a fight if they use resurrect right before popping Valkyrie. This invites Mercy players to use the “hide and rez” strategy, while also having the added benefits of Valkyrie. Essentially giving her a multi-rez, a wicked chain heal and flight.

Suffice it to say we can see why Blizzard wants to test out some changes to how Valkyrie affects Resurrect. We also think that the proposed change to how Valkyrie affects Resurrect is a good one.

Valkyrie: Rez from above

When Valkyrie is activated now (on the PTR) it will double the range of Resurrect. Meaning that Mercy will be able to rez allies from 10 meters away instead of five. We think this is a good change for two reasons.

First, it removes her ability to rez multiple targets, which will in turn finally do away with the “hide and rez” play style because the point of that play style is to get multiple resurrects. Second, we like it because it provides Mercy a bit more protection while using Resurrect in Valkyrie. Instead of being right on your ally’s corpse you can now safely be a few feet above it.

Now these are just some changes to Valkyrie being tested on the PTR. We don’t know for sure if they are going to make it into the game at large. But since these changes would definitely get rid of the “hide and rez” strategy we think there’s a strong chance of them happening. Let us know what you think in the comments below.

Featured Image Courtesy of Blizzard Entertainment

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