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Week 8: Will the Mayhem go for the Reign and get Justice?

With the world on lockdown, it came to a point where the Overwatch League wasn’t able to hold Homestands anymore. There have been two Overwatch League-less weeks, now in Week 8 things are about to be picked up again. Will the Mayhem go for some Justice while they go and get the Reign over the leaderboard?

Washington Justice: 2-4-6

Week 5 was the last week the OWL was able to hold a Homestand. It was the Homestand in Washington. The Justice won 3-1 against the Boston Uprising but then lost 1-3 against the New York Excelsior. Comparing players from the Justice against the Mayhem with the stats from the games both teams have played this season shows us that both teams are going up against each other. Although the Justice is leading in 4 of the categories, the Mayhem is very close behind them. Will the Mayhem come out on top of it all and show Washington some Justice?

* The stats below are with a minimum of 60 minutes played & are calculated on all heroes.

Courtesy of: Stats Lab presented by StateFarm

Prediction: Mayhem 3-2

Despite that the Washington Justice played more than the Florida Mayhem so far in the 2020 Season. They are at standing 10 and 9 respectively in the overall rankings. Both teams won two of their matches. If Corey ‘’Corey’’ Nigra and Ethan ‘’Stratus’’ Yankel have a good day and are in sync with each other they can form a dangerous DPS duo taking out the enemy team before they can get the chance to get to the Justice. Together with a strong tank duo and well placed heals of Kwon ‘’Aimgod’’ Minseok and Hong ‘’Ark’’ Yeonjun, the Justice can be a dangerous team. Although this might seem like a good recipe for the Justice to win, the Mayhem will have something up their sleeve. It won’t be easy for the Justice to win, going up head to head, the Mayhem will likely come up victorious.

Player to watch:

Will the Mayhem go for the Uprising and get Justice
Courtesy of @TheMetaGaming

The player to watch this match would be the Ana and Zenyatta specialist for the Justice, Aimgod. His discord orbs are placed on the right enemy heroes at the right time, so his teammates can finish them off. While that helps his teammates he also helps them by hitting headshots and using his transcendence when it’s needed the most in team fights resulting in clutch plays and map wins for him and his team.

Atlanta Reign: 2-1-3

The Atlanta Reign played their last match in Week 5 against the Boston Uprising. While the Uprising showed some good battles and Min ‘’Jerry’’ Taehee made some good kills the Reign did justice to their name and Reigned over the Uprising with a 3-0 win. The stats show strong leadership for the Reign in four of the five categories. Keeping in mind they only played three matches over the course of the 2020 season. This either shows a strong Boston Uprising team with well-placed kills and heals or it shows the Mayhem is more balanced and knows how and when to put in their players at the right time.

* The stats below are with a minimum of 60 minutes played & are calculated on all heroes.

Courtesy of: Stats Lab presented by StateFarm

Prediction: 3-1 Florida Mayhem

Despite that, the Atlanta Reign only played three matches compared to the five that the Mayhem played. The Reign showed a strong front against the Boston Uprising. Xander ”Hawk” Domecq and Kim ”Edison” Taehoon continuously went for the backline with the Uprising. If they do this again with the Florida Mayhem, their off-tank and either of the DPS players need to make sure to get a pick on those two as soon as possible. The Florida Mayhem needs to pick and adapt and do whatever might be necessary to pick the players off the map and let the Reign feel the Mayhem underneath them.

Will the Mayhem go for the Uprising and get Justice
Image courtesy of Florida Mayhem

Player to watch:

The player to watch this game is Mayhem’s Main Tank Koo ‘’Fate’’ Panseung. With Winston being banned this week, there definitely is a possibility fans might see Fate on Reinhardt or Orisa if the Mayhem goes for a shield meta. Depending on if they will go for a mirror play or for one that counters the Heroes the Reign plays. Fate’s shield will protect his teammates when it’s needed so he and his team can pick the enemy off the map and secure a win.

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