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War Against The 6ix: LA Valiant May Madness Week 3 Preview

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Now that May Madness group stages are in their final week, the Valiant have a chance to do something great. A win this week would make their group stage record 3-0 and almost ensure a top four seed for May Madness. After a win versus the Uprising, the Valiant look to finish off week three of May Madness with a battle versus The Six. All that stands between them and a perfect group stage is the Toronto Defiant. Here is what to watch for.

The Matchup:

2019-08-25 – Overwatch League 2019 – LA Valiant Homestand / Photo: Robert Paul for Blizzard Entertainment

This match has a chance to be more interesting than many people would think. The DPS matchups are relatively even in this matchup, but Surefour puts the Toronto Defiant over the edge slightly with his flexibility. In terms of their support lines, both teams have relatively even and underrated support lines. Kruise and Rain are both very talented main supports while Kariv and Lastro are both talented flex supports. Meanwhile, the off tank battle is a compelling side matchup. McGravy is arguably the better off tank, but a case can be made for Nevix. The one spot these teams are different is the main tank position, but that’ll be touched on later.

Overall, this should be a close match. Surefour should make some very nice plays and KSP and whichever DPS he is playing with should both play really well. Shax not being able to run Tracer though will definitely hurt the Valiant. He was one of the best tracers in the league and now he will likely be on the bench unless they want him to play Reaper most likely. Expect a four or five map game with plenty of cool plays.


Matchup To Watch: Monkey, Monkey, Monkey

Image Courtesy of Blizzard Entertainment

The main tank battle will play a key part in determining this series. Beast’s best hero is his Winston so if he can play his pet pick there is a chance for him to pop off. Meanwhile, Dreamer will most likely best Beast’s main tank opposition. What Dreamer provides that Beast doesn’t is flexibility. He can play Reinhardt, Winston, Orisa, and Wrecking Ball all to an average at worst level. Dreamer understands how and when to be aggressive whereas Beast has moments where he pulls a season two Sado and feeds. If Beast gains an upper hand, that could spell doom for the Valiant’s perfect group stage.

Prediction: 3-2 LA Valiant

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