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Return of The King: LA Valiant Re-Sign Agilities

Sports history is filled with many great return moments. Michael Jordan came back to the Chicago Bulls, Michael Phelps unretired to compete one more time and now Brady “Agilities” Girardi is back on the LA Valiant.

The LA Valiant announced today that Agilities is returning to the team after spending one season with the Toronto Defiant. He played with the team during the first two seasons of OWL to great success. His return leaves him as the only person from the original roster still on the team. 

Most known for his projectile play, namely his Genji and Pharah, but has a wide hero pool. He is expected to play those heroes, in addition to Mei, Doomfist, and a few other flex picks currently. Johannes “Shax” Nielsen though will likely hold all of the Tracer duties over Agilities though. His addition, in the wake of KSF’s departure, leaves this team with three supremely talented DPS players. The Valiant will likely look for one more DPS for this upcoming season. If they do not though, they are in safe hands.

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