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Los Angeles Valiant: Stage 4 Week 1 Preview

Los Angeles Valiant Stage 4 Week 1

The Los Angeles Valiant had a great run in Stage 3, and now with an easier schedule ahead of them, Stage 4 looks like it could go even better. Of course, the 2-2-2 role lock is something to take into consideration, but it seems like it will only help the Valiant be an even stronger team, especially in their first match of the stage.


Paris Eternal (8-13)

Los Angeles Valiant Stage 4 Week 1
Courtesy of Stewart Volland for Blizzard Entertainment

Coming into the Overwatch League, everyone expected the Paris Eternal to give the other teams a proper run for their money, and considered them one of the stronger GOATS teams. They started out decent, but quickly fell off, and are now sitting near the bottom of the overall season rankings. The opposite happened for the LA Valiant, who started out very weak, but have now shown that they’re not only stronger, but one of the strongest.

What really strengthens the case for a Valiant victory in this series, though, is the fact that the Eternal don’t have much of a track record with 2-2-2. Although the Los Angeles Valiant are running a decently altered team, they showed in Season 1 that their 2-2-2 can be one of the best. Of the eight original players, four still remain, all of which could potentially show up on the starting roster.

Overall, the LA Valiant simply look like the stronger team when it comes to running the classic 2-2-2 setup. This match should very much go in their favor.

Prediction: Valiant 3-1 Eternal

Player to Watch

Now that he’s no longer in Brigitte jail, Valiant DPS Brady “Agilities” Girardi can finally shine. He may not play the Genji that he’s known so well for, but just being able to play a DPS character is all he needs in order to show why he’s in the Overwatch League in the first place.

Featured image courtesy of the Los Angeles Valiant on Twitter

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