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LA Valiant Stage 4 Week 3 Preview

la valiant stage 4 week 3

The Valiant had a par for the course week, despite a tough loss against the Seoul Dynasty. Though that game went the distance, earning some positives in the map differential department, a swift and easy defeat of the Dallas Fuel put them back on track.

This week, the Valiant only have one game to prepare for. However, this game seemed a lot less scary before this past weekend. In the world of 2-2-2, upsets came out in spades. The Florida Mayhem, a team that’s constantly struggling to find some ground, swept the London Spitfire in a stunning 3-0 victory. This face off weighs more than it did before, and with every map win making a difference for a team on the cusp of play-ins, this game is more important than ever before.

Los Angeles Valiant Review

Seoul Dynasty (13-11), 2-3

The game against the Dynasty went the total distance of five maps. In the end, however, the Valiant fell short, and Seoul took the win. This game was important for both teams, as the Dynasty are also trying for a playoffs spot. Despite the loss, however, the Valiant didn’t look too shabby. 2-2-2 seems to fit their playstyle, and the return of Indy “SPACE” Halpern is always a welcoming sight to see.

Player of the Match: SPACE
la valiant stage 4 week 3
Courtesy of Robert Paul for Blizzard Entertainment.

The return of what most claim to be the best Western offtank in the League certainly brought good luck to the Valiant. SPACE is mechanically skilled beyond compare, with a stellar record on both and Roadhog to back up whatever the meta needs. Combined with Russell “FCTFCTN” Campbell, it seems like SPACE hasn’t missed a beat. These two make a wonderful tank duo, and their faces are some we could continue to see later on this year at the World Cup.

Dallas Fuel (10-13), 3-1

A struggling Dallas Fuel was no match for the Valiant. Though the boys in blue showed some signs of life, especially by earning a map win of their own, the Valiant held strong for the 3-1 victory. This matchup brought to light some of the reasons why Kyle “KSF” Frandanisa is a name that’s constantly floating around among the best DPS players in the League. His plays on characters like Mei have proven to be extremely beneficial when paired with the Valiant’s newest superstar, Johannes “Shax” Nielsen.

Player of the Match: KSF

KSF more than proved his worth against the Dallas Fuel. With continuously good plays, KSF rightfully popped off. This is a player that many have some mixed feelings over, with some feeling like he’s a bit overrated and unimpressive. Word must’ve gotten to him, because he certainly picked the best time to showcase his talents. With ease, he helped to bring his team to a victory. Alongside his tank teammates, it’s possible fans could see his name at the World Cup, too. 

Los Angeles Valiant Preview

Florida Mayhem (3-21), Aug 10th

la valiant stage 4 week 3
Image courtesy of Florida Mayhem

A game that would usually make fans of the League scoff, this match up against the Florida Mayhem can no longer be treated as such. After the Mayhem defeated the London Spitfire in a shocking 3-0 victory, this team must be watched carefully. Most could call this a fluke, but it could mean that Florida’s late game roster changes are finally settling.

While the Valiant are looking comfortable and confident in this 2-2-2 meta, they cannot let an easy game topple their preparation. After this past weekend, they should be practicing and strategizing as much as possible. With how much teams like the Washington Justice and the Guangzhou Charge have started to soar, every single game is important. This game, especially, is a must win.

Player to Watch: KSF

While Brady “Agilities” Girardi could also be a contender for which teammate fans should focus on, KSF takes the spotlight once more. In a meta where Widowmaker duels are becoming more and more common, KSF has the responsibility of taking on Jung-woo “Sayaplayer” Ha. Sayaplayer is easily one of the best Widowmaker’s in the League, with his stats from both this year and last year speaking for themselves. If KSF can get the upper hand against Sayaplayer, the Valiant should be able to march towards a 4-0 sweep.


Featured Image Courtesy of Stewart Volland for Blizzard Entertainment.

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