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LA Valiant sign British Hurricane Coach Unter

The LA Valiant announced today that British Hurricane Coach, and former Australian Contenders player, Unter will be joining the LA Valiant as an assistant coach.

Image Courtesy of LA Valiant

Unter has a long history in professional Overwatch. As a player he won Contenders Australia twice as a main support on ZERO and Ground Zero Gaming. Earlier this year he retired as a player, but soon after transitioned into a head coaching role with British Hurricane in EU Contenders. As their head coach, British Hurricane won every week of EU Contenders and are the number one seed in playoffs. This was a roster that kept almost all the players from the previous season too.

He will join his fellow Australian, Gunba, as an assistant on the LA Valiant coaching staff. Weirdly enough, both coaches were main support players during their career. His addition is a sign of change in the LA Valiant. Just earlier this season the Valiant released two assistant coaches for reasons associated to COVID-19. This move seems to be a sign that the Valiant want to make a late-season run. Their top-four finish in the May Melee may have been the catalyst for this move. Before the season, many pundits predicted them to be a bottom tier team, but the team has clapped back and proved them otherwise. The additions of Dreamer, KSP, Lastro, and Rain all have made a large impact on the teams in game performance. Now Unter looks to provide that same level of impact as a coach.

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