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Overwatch League: How the LA Valiant Can Sneak Into Playoffs

la valiant playoffs

With just two weeks left of the regular season, teams in the middle of the overall rankings are fighting for a chance at the playoffs. After next weekend, the top 12 teams will be competing to see which of them are going to the Grand Finals in September. Most top tier teams have already solidified their rank—NYXL earned their seed as the top team in the Atlantic Division, and the Vancouver Titans did the very same for the Pacific. However, near the bottom of the pack, things are getting vicious. Crunching numbers can only do so much when trying to unravel how teams can beat the odds.

For the Valiant, it’s been a comeback in the making. After going 0-7 in Stage 2, the team made a remarkable comeback in Stage 3. With new signings, new leadership, and old faces making a return to the stage, they found their way into the Stage 3 playoffs. They nearly went the distance, too, before falling to the San Francisco Shock. This stage, they’ve been performing well under the new meta. However, after a must win loss to the Seoul Dynasty, the Valiant need to focus on these next two weeks in order for playoffs to become possible.

LA Valiant: Where Are They in the Standings?

la valiant playoffs
Image courtesy of the Overwatch League website.

As of right now, the Valiant sit at 13th place overall. This is just one spot away from the coveted 12th place. Resting above them are the Chengdu Hunters, a team that’s managed to play into their own style throughout the entire season. Their victories this stage over teams like the Boston Uprising, the Philadelphia Fusion, and the NYXL have given them plenty of cushion to rest on. So far, the Valiant have been able to only drop one game to the Dynasty. However, their schedule gets intense at the Kit Kat Rivalry Weekend, providing a healthy amount of stress for Valiant fans.

The team itself tweeted out a possible timeline in which the Valiant can make the playoffs. In this, they note that cheering against the Hunters is the most important thing. The Houston Outlaws and the San Francisco Shock need to sweep the Hunters easily in order to bring them down a notch. Additionally, a victory against the Boston Uprising this Saturday night is imperative for the Valiant. If they can win, convincingly so, they’ve got a real chance of moving up the ladder.

The Hunters will end their Stage after their game against the Shock. Therefore, the Valiant have an extra week to prove themselves if things go wrong against the Uprising. This is much easier said than done, however. The two teams the Valiant must conquer have been giants all season long.

The Kit Kat Rivalry Weekend

If the Valiant can defeat the Uprising, things are set in motion. Additionally, if the Shock and the Outlaws sweep the Hunters, Valiant fans should start feeling more comfortable. Another thing to cheer for is the Washington Justice and the London Spitfire sweeping the Atlanta Reign. This helps with Valiant’s map score, and will push them over the edge and into the playoffs category.

la valiant playoffs
Image courtesy of the LA Valiant Twitter.

However, if these things fail to happen, chaos ensues at the Kit Kat Rivalry Weekend. The Valiant are facing off against their long time rivals, the LA Gladiators, and the San Francisco Shock. The Shock and the Gladiators are ranked 3rd and 4th in the League, respectively. If the Valiant can manage two wins against these titans, there’s still a chance yet. If Boston and Dallas also play spoiler to the Reign’s sudden resurgence, the Valiant are secured in their playoff seed.

This is a task much easier said than done, of course. The Gladiators and the Shock aren’t going to bend so easily, despite it being the Valiant’s homestand weekend. Additionally, a struggling Dallas and a confused Boston Uprising aren’t exactly favored in a match up against the Atlanta Reign. These wins are a last case scenario. If things don’t go as planned this weekend, however, they’re the Valiant’s last hope.

Who To Root For and Against

Overall, fans of the Valiant want to make sure they’re rooting for the right teams, and the right upsets. This weekend, be sure to cheer on the Houston Outlaws, the London Spitfire, the San Francisco Shock, and the Washington Justice. If things crumble around the team, then look to the Kit Kat Rivalry Weekend. Make sure to support the Dallas Fuel, the Boston Uprising and the Valiant to beat the odds and topple their Californian opponents. So long as the Atlanta Reign and the Chengdu Hunters have some trouble, the Valiant will be looking to soar into playoffs. 


Featured Image Courtesy of Ben Pursell for Blizzard Entertainment.

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