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East Meets West: LA Valiant Playoffs Week 2 Preview

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All the matches, headshots, and pulse bombs so far this season led to this point. The Valiant’s back are against the wall. They are on the brink of elimination but have so much more to prove. Now is the time for them to prove it though. They are staring down the barrel of the red hot Washington Justice. Both teams can prove so much with a win, but only one will move on. Will Washington serve Justice or will the Valiant fly away with a win?


2019-08-25 – Overwatch League 2019 – LA Valiant Homestand / Photo: Robert Paul for Blizzard Entertainment

This matchup looks massively different compared to if it was a few weeks ago. This Justice roster is looking very scary. Stitch and TTuba look better than they have all season on these projectile hitscan comps. Meanwhile, Decay and JJanu both turned the clock back to 2019 and look like their old selves. Their performances have won this team multiple matches so far in the playoffs. The most interesting part though is the “return” of Aimgod. Now Aimgod never left but he never looked this good during the season. His Zenyatta has had carry moments than helped the team win maps. The way he leveled up is a major reason they are this good.

The Valiant however are no slouch. Shax’s Reaper can’t be taken lightly and KSP can fill so many roles for this team. His Ashe, Widow, and Tracer rank towards the top of the league statistically and he doesn’t disappoint. Lastro and RaiN are two of the big surprises this season and the Valiant are all the better for it, especially Lastro. His flex DPS performances are consistently above average and he’ll need one again this week. Even at tank this team is a threat. Dreamer and McGravy are two of the most underrated players in the league. Dreamer is by far one of the least talked about main tanks. Not only is he a great Reinhardt, but he is average at worst across all main tanks. His performance is one of the big reasons this team is where it is.

Matchup to watch: Tanks Matter and DPS Rule

Courtesy of @pitaya_guava on Twitter

The team with better tanks wins this series. The Valiant can not let Decay and JJanu run around the map killing the backline as Zarya and Roadhog. While the Valiant are talented, this team can not four versus six in this meta. The longer the tank line stays alive the better they counter the Justice’s creative comp.

While the Justice want to win the tank battle, they need to use that advantage to kill the Valiant’s DPS. The Valiant’s DPS are the heart and soul of that team. When they fail the team fails. Decay, JJanu and Stitch should all focus on killing Dreamer than immediately shift to kill their DPS. That is how they win

Prediction: 3-2 LA Valiant

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