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Cross Country Brawl: LA Valiant Summer Showdown Week One Preview

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Many films have been set in DC and LA. The _ Has Fallen Trilogy, Dave, San Andreas, Den of Thieves and even Blade Runner 2049. But now the two cities are heading on a collision course. The Washington Justice will face off against the LA Valiant in a battle of the law versus the rough and tumble. Will this matchup be like Chinatown or Skyscraper? Let’s take a look.

LA Valiant vs Washington Justice 

2019-08-25 – Overwatch League 2019 – LA Valiant Homestand / Photo: Robert Paul for Blizzard Entertainment

This match is a battle of teams who had similar outlooks before the season, but have ended up in vastly different places. The Valiant and Justice were both considered bottom 3rd teams in the league, maybe even some of the worst. The Valiant managed to flip that script though. With expert coaching and scouting by Packing10 the Valiant were able to create a team filled with good players at every position. Instead of chasing the big money names, he found values like Dreamer, Rain and Lastro. 

Compare that to the Washington Justice who picked up players like Roar before the season and now JJANU during the season. The Justice went chasing after big names while losing the names they already had. Not only did the Justice lose their star players like Corey, but they also lost their head coach. This is now a team that is fitting in new players with a new coach. There is no reason they should win this match.

Matchup to Watch: The Off-Tank Battle

Overwatch League Power Rankings
Image courtesy of DreamSeat

This matchup was actually a pretty simple choice. The best player on the Washington Justice in JJANU. Meanwhile, his mirror on the LA Valiant is McGravy. These two have already faced each other once this year. On OWL’s opening weekend, the Valiant faced the Titans. The Titans got the better end of that matchup an JJANU outplayed McGravy. McGravy now has the chance to rebound versus JJANU and gain another win versus a top off tank.

Look at McGravy’s Infinity Gauntlet. He has beaten Choihyobin, Hanbin and Note so far this season. JJANU would be another stone to add to that gauntlet.

Prediction: LA Valiant 3-0

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