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Bad Moon Uprising: LA Valiant May Madness Week 2 Preview

Now that May Madness is underway, the Valiant have a chance to continue to make a statement now that they are not stuck playing the same three teams on loop. After a win in the cross-country brawl, the Valiant look to finish off week two of May Madness at 2-0 vs the Boston Uprising. Here is a preview of what to look out for.

Match Preview

On paper, this match should be easy for the Valiant. They have a better tank line than the Uprising, better DPS, and a better main support. Myunbong is arguably the best flex support in the matchup, but Lastro has a case for being better. Dreamer will likely start over GiG and should prove to be Fusions’ foil. His more measured approach and better support line should provide him more survivability over Fusions. The other clear advantage is McGravy over Brussen. McGravy this season has been one of the most underrated players in OWL. After being stuck in Space’s shadow last season he has gained the starting role and proved that he is supremely talented. As for the DPS line, see below.

Matchup to Watch: The DPS Duels

Courtesy of the Los Angeles Valiant

As long as the Valiant take care of business on DPS they should have the matchup. If they lose the DPS matchup they could be upset by the Uprising. Jerry and Colourhex are both very talented DPS who do not get enough credit. Jerry is a very good at hitscan and Colourhex is a very good projectile player. They are running into a brick wall though. KSP, KSF, Shax, and even Apply can cover any hero pool and play extremely well. Apply showed pretty decent Echo play and the Valiant nearly won their first control map versus the Reign. On a talent level though it is a no contest. KSP is mechanically better than Jerry and the Valiant can throw three different DPS to match Colourhex.  If the Valiant somehow come out on the wrong end of this duel, it is a very losable series.

Prediction: 3-0 LA Valiant

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