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Overwatch League Recap: Los Angeles Gladiators vs Shanghai Dragons

Los Angeles Gladiators vs Shanghai Dragons

Los Angeles Gladiators (12-6) vs Shanghai Dragons (9-8)

Final Score: Gladiators 1-3 Dragons

The Shanghai Dragons came to play this week, continuing their dominant DPS play against the Gladiators. However, the Glads showed a lot for fans to look forward to in this match and the scoreline is hardly reflective of how close of a series it really was. In the end, the Glads fall 3-1.

Oasis: Gladiators 2-0 Dragons

The Gladiators came out strong against a strong Dragons squad. The first map of the series went back and forth but the Gladiators were able to handle the Sombra-centered DPS composition of the Dragons and take the first map 1-0. The second map was much the same, eventually going the way of the Gladiators.

Volskaya Industries: Gladiators 3-4 Dragons

The Gladiators opened up on defense against a very pesky Shanghai offense, allowing them to cap both points with over two minutes remaining. Coming back on the offense, the Gladiators brought forth a calculated attack that dismantled the Dragons defense with over four minutes remaining.

In the ensuing time bank rounds, the Dragons, yet again, had success on offense. On the Gladiators offense, things started off slowly as the Dragon’s proved stout this time around. Yet, through a rare Lane “Surefour” Roberts Widowmaker showing, the Gladiators were able to get through Point A. After this, the Dragons tightened things up and continued to get pick after pick. Unable to get their footing, the Gladiators failed to get Point B.

Eichenwalde: Gladiators 2-3 Dragons

The Gladiators started out with a good initial defense, pushing the Dragons to overtime on Point A. After that, the Dragons gained some momentum through some savvy play from their very strong DPS core. Yet, just before the final point, the Gladiators rallied and managed to run out the clock, preventing the Dragons from using their several acquired ultimates. On offense, the Gladiators started off strong off of Surefour’s Roadhog.

Dorado: Gladiators 0-1 Dragons

In a must-win fourth map, the Gladiators were met by an unstoppable force in the Dragons opening defense. The Glads insisted on running Roadhog and struggled to get good angles on the Dragons DPS players. This led to a stalled out attack and being full-held on Point A. With their backs against the wall on defense, the Gladiators just could not #breakthrough.

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