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Overwatch League Recap: Los Angeles Gladiators vs. Boston Uprising

Los Angeles Gladiators vs. Boston Uprising

Overall: Gladiators – 1 Uprising – 3

Still undefeated in their final match of Stage 2, the Gladiator’s synergy has merged the talents of their entire roster into a real contender in the Stage 2 playoffs. Boston has the motivation of fighting for a playoff berth. This series was crucial for the Uprising to stay alive for a playoff appearance of their own. A lot had to go right for Boston to reach their goal, but first they had to defeat the Los Angeles Gladiators.

Oasis: Gladiators – 1 Uprising – 2

Los Angeles Gladiators vs. Boston Uprising
Dallas Fuel off tank: Richard “rCk” Kanerva.

Boston was once again spearheaded by 2019 Atlantic All Star main tank Cameron “Fusions” Bosworth, but it wasn’t him they needed to fear. Richard “rCk” Kanerva’s strategic play on Mei kept the Gladiators at bay one wall after another before Boston would inevitably claim University. 

Los Angeles found their footing in the Oasis Gardens after Gui-un “Decay” Jang started to shine on Sombra. Despite strong counterplay from rCk, the Gladiators would eventually claim the final tick to force a third and final round. 

Throughout University, the Gladiators were unable to gain any convincing ultimate advantage against Jeffrey “blasé” Tsang’s exciting Doomfist. After a furious display long into overtime, João Pedro “Hydration” Goes Telles’s own Doomfist couldn’t stand up to what blasé was bringing to the table. LA would surprisingly lose Map 1. 

Hanamura: Gladiators – 1 Uprising – 2

Hydration began their bunker defense as the first of LA’s versatile DPS to man Bastion. Jonas “Shaz” Suovaara would sleep a hiding blasé before eventually surrendering their first point defense. 

Los Angeles Gladiators vs. Boston Uprising
Los Angeles Gladiators DPS: João Pedro “Hydration” Goes Telles.

Jun-woo “Void” Kang pushed back the snowball attempt from Boston before they could find any momentum. A huge triple kill from LA’s main tank,  Chang-hoon “rOar” Gye stifled the Uprising and prevented a proper final reengage at the second point to secure the defense. 

Hydration’s Phara would this time come into the spotlight. Although he did not generate much ultimate charge with raw damage, the Uprising 3-3 composition had to play passively and rotate to cover to avoid the damage. The poke he provided helped easily win the first point. 

 Los Angeles needed only one tick on the the second point. Even with with four minutes in tow, it wouldn’t be enough time to break the Boston defense. Just like LA, the Uprising would defend the second point, but Boston would head into halftime with a commanding 2-0 lead. 

Blizzard World: Gladiators – 3 Uprising – 2

With their backs against the wall, LA began their defense of Blizzard World. Instead of seeking engagement, the Gladiators would force combat on the point in favor of their 3-3 composition. LA looked nearly polished until Boston finally unlocked the payload in overtime.

Los Angeles Gladiators vs. Boston Uprising
Los Angeles Gladiators main tank: Chang-hoon “rOar” Gye.

The payload would not go far. rOar’s Reinhardt found several eliminations to stall the Boston offensive until once again, Boston found their footing in overtime.

Los Angeles seemed unfazed by Boston’s clutch nature. They eventually cleaned up the Uprising behind an impressive Earthshatter and Self Destruct from Gladiators tanks rOar and Void.

An impressive Graviton Surge and focus fire unlocked the payload and LA began their march through the streets of Blizzard World. Void’s hunger got the best of him and Kelsey “Colourhex” Birse’s Grav vanished from the fight. The Gladiator’s attack was much more decisive than their first two maps. It was an easy victory for LA to keep the series alive. 

Rialto: Gladiators – 2 Uprising – 3

Boston’s engage was quick and aggressive. Their 3-3 behind Fusions’ Reinhardt pushed the Gladiator’s own 3-3 back to the limit. His ability to outlive rOar easily won fights for Boston. 

Los Angeles gladiators vs. Boston Uprising
Photo Courtesy of Stewart Volland for Blizzard Entertainment.

The Uprising had dominated overtime point presence all match. They constantly impressed seconds away from collapsing. LA did eventually to halt the Boston attack, but only meters away from completion.

After exhausting several key ultimates, Boston desperately fought to protect the first checkpoint. With an overtime surge of their own LA extended their time with the match on the line.

LA was pushed to the brink in their attempt to claim the second checkpoint, but several Earthshatters from rOar kept the push alive. Eventually, it wouldn’t be enough as the undefeated Gladiator’s finally fell to the resilient Uprising.


Los Angeles still looked like playoff contenders in this matchup. Boston has been notorious for their unexpected recoveries against impossible odds. Although the loss does temper expectations for the Gladiators, their future still looks bright after such an impressive rebound from Stage 1. This victory keeps Boston in the race for the final spot in the Stage 2 playoffs. They may be a chance for redemption in the Gladiators future.


Featured/Player Images Courtesy of the Overwatch League

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