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Los Angeles Gladiators Week 9 Preview

Last week was a crazy week not just for LA, but for the Overwatch League as a whole. It was back to work for the Gladiators, as they will continue to play matches online until the end of the season. While the Glads got their first win by beating the Shock, they got shown up by the Dynasty the next day. LA hopes to get more W’s on the board and improve on their 1-2 start, starting this weekend.

On Saturday, April 4, the Los Angeles Gladiators play the Dallas Fuel; the only match of the week they play. This will be a far cry from the type of competition that the Yaters have been used to. Even so, look forward to another great match and another great weekend.

Previewing Week 9

Dallas Fuel: 0-2

Image courtesy of Dallas Fuel

The Dallas Fuel are the only win-less team in the league, being dead last in overall standings. Fans and league analysts have predicted that their new additions were going to move them up in the rankings this year, but they have yet to get the chance; not only playing only two games thus far, but also playing against an elite San Francisco team and a surprising LA Valiant team.

Regardless, the Fuel are billed as a stronger team than last season, with the additions of former Gladiator and damage-dealer Decay and tank player Gamsu. Gamsu and Note have played together on the Boston Uprising in 2018, with Dallas hoping to see that same magic from them this year.

A unique strategy for the Fuel isn’t in question at this stage of the season, but as always, never count them out entirely. The Los Angeles Gladiators have managed to silence the Shock, and while the Fuel are determined to give it their all, so should LA.

Player to Watch: Mirror

Mirror did not perform favorably last week against the Seoul Dynasty, and this is a week where he must bounce back. His reckless Doomfist play had affected the team negatively. This is a great opportunity for Mirror to either play more conservatively or choose a different damage hero. Mirror will need to make his moves more wisely sooner than later, otherwise, Jaru would be more than happy to become a new starter on the Gladiators.

Mei and McCree are the two damage heroes out of rotation this week. While Mei has not much of a priority to the Yaters, Birdring has been heavily reliant on McCree. Tracer and Widowmaker are his two other choices on damage. Thus, Mirror should choose his hero accordingly depending on who Birdring chooses.

Prediction – LA Gladiators win (3-0)

Stay tuned for recaps and updates on everything purple and black!
Featured Photo courtesy of the Los Angeles Gladiators’ Twitter
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