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Los Angeles Gladiators Week 11 Preview

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The Los Angeles Gladiators are once again in action this Thursday, fresh off a battle against San Francisco. This time, they face the Valiant in the first edition of the “Battle for LA” in the season. Fans are looking forward to another great match, but what is truly in store for the Purple and Black Pack this week?

Previewing Week 11

Los Angeles Valiant: 2-4

Los Angeles Valiant Stage 3
Courtesy of Robert Paul for Blizzard Entertainment

Experts projected the Los Angeles Valiant to be one of the weakest teams of the league this season due to a number of key departures in the offseason, but they have managed to defeat Dallas Fuel in Week 1, and San Francisco Shock in Week 8.

KSP and KSF (no relation) are the Valiant’s main damage dealers and have turned out to be pretty decent thus far. Dreamer and GiG take turns playing the main tank, while McGravy is their flex tank. Rain and Lastro are the team’s support players. As a team, they have managed to succeed expectations, beating the defending champions just like the Gladiators. Though, they have been soundly beaten by San Fran, Dallas, Vancouver, and Seoul. Three of these four teams are nothing to scoff at.

Player to Watch: Space

Space has been the go-to flex tank player for the Valiant for the past two seasons, but he’s now wearing the purple and black. Space didn’t have an exciting game last week playing as Orisa, but with D. Va back in the hero pool, he can return to face off against opponents in his comfort zone and make big plays once again.

It’s important for everyone on the team to have a good game, but we are counting on Space, in particular, to cash in on opportunities that are presented to him. He had an MVP performance in the Overwatch World Cup in 2019, when Team USA dominated the field. Gladiators fans have been excited for this level of play and we are looking to see more of it, starting this Thursday.

I predict the veteran presence of the Yaters will be too overwhelming for the Valiant. As KSF, McGravy, and Rain are all veterans of the league, they will have a hard time trying to outplay OGE, Birdring, Shaz, and BigGoose. Widowmaker and McCree are out of rotation this week, so unless the Gladiators don’t have an answer for a Pharah in the sky, they should not have any trouble with the Valiant.

Prediction – LA Gladiators win (3-1)


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