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Los Angeles Gladiators: Stage 2 Week 3 Review

Los Angeles Gladiators Stage 2 Playoffs

The Los Angeles Gladiators had another great week in Stage 2, improving to 6-0. They faced the Florida Mayhem and Chengdu Hunters in Week 3. After both games finished 3-1, the Gladiators find themselves at the top of the standings for Stage 2. While they may have lost a map in each game, they showed that they should be grouped with the best of the best. 

The Gladiators have an off week in Week 4. The Dallas Homestand is taking place, and the Gladiators will enjoy some time off after playing three weeks of two games each. They will prepare for their game against the Boston Uprising in Week 5.

Week 3 Review

Florida Mayhem: 1-12 (0-6 in Stage 2)

Los Angeles Gladiators Stage 2 Week 4
(Image Courtesy of the Los Angeles Gladiators)

The Los Angeles Gladiators beat the Florida Mayhem 3-1 for their first game. Florida was able to take the first map from the Gladiators, but Los Angeles took the next three. The Gladiators continued with their plan of substituting Lane “Surefour” Roberts in for the second map, and he continued to show that he is great on the Paris map. The Gladiators subbed Surefour back off for the last maps, and took the victory over the Mayhem.

Player of the Game:

Jun-woo “Void” Kang was the player of the game versus the Mayhem. Void continues to be an important part of the Gladiators victorious stage, as his D.Va play is wonderful. He continuously gets multikills with his Ultimate, and does a great job of staying alive. 

Chengdu Hunters 5-6 (2-2 in Stage 2)

Many fans were excited for this matchup, as the Gladiators have shown that they run a variety of strange compositions, while the Hunters are known for their Wrecking Ball focused compositions. The Gladiators started off very strong on Busan, wiping the Hunters very quickly. The second map, Hanamura, did not fall in favor of the Gladiators. After Surefour was substituted in, he was not able to channel his Paris form. Los Angeles finished Eichenwalde and Junkertown rather quickly and handily. While the Hunters did put up a decent fight, the Gladiators were simply too much to handle.

Los Angeles Gladiators Stage 2 Week 4
Courtesy of the Los Angeles Gladiators

Player of the Game:

Gui-un “Decay” Jang was the player of the game versus the Hunters. He continues to show that he is one of the best Zarya players in the league. His introduction into the team was a turning point for the Gladiators, as they started to win games soon after he was able to play. Decay again showed up for the Gladiators, as he does every week. 

Week 4 Preview

The Los Angeles Gladiators have an off week in Week 4. They will be able to rest, take more time to scrim and regroup before playoffs. The Gladiators will play the Boston Uprising in Week 5, and will look to keep their Stage 2 undefeated. This may end up being the hardest game that Los Angeles will face this stage, other than the playoffs.

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