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Gladiators Stunned By Boston In Week 15

Control was the downfall of the Los Angeles Gladiators in Week 15. While the author has pointed out in the past the poor record on control maps the Gladiators have had, it’s unbelievable how that really made a difference against one of the weakest teams in the league, that being the Boston Uprising.

Reviewing Week 15

Boston Uprising: 1-10

Courtesy of the Boston Uprising

Another week, another problem in LA as the 1-10 Uprising upset the 4-4 Gladiators. Their control woes were well on display throughout the year, and they had tacked on an additional three losses as well as whole match loss this game.

Three control maps were played this game because Maps 1 and 5 are control maps, as well as a whichever map is a “tiebreaker” map. While you might consider that a questionable rule, it doesn’t excuse the Gladiators from the fact they seriously need to improve their play for this type of map.

This match featured the debut of new Uprising main tank Leyton “Punk” Gilchrist, filling in for Brussen and Axxiom. Here is how the match unfolded.

Map 1 – Nepal
Paintbrush is starting over BigGoose on this first map. Round 1 started with Colourhex on Echo helping Boston win the first fight to take the point. The Gladiators use the high ground on the next team fight to take the point from Boston quickly. LA had managed to successfully defend on the next two fight to get their percentage to 99. Boston eventually take the point back. LA bided their time, which was a mistake, as they were not able to get a player on the point before it reached 100.
Round 2 began with Boston taking the point first. Birdring as McCree led the way to take the point, but Fusions as Reinhardt quickly helped Boston take the point back. LA takes the point with Boston at 99%. Boston tries to play aggressive, but Mirror as Echo manages to stave them off. Gladiators with the ultimate advantage. The eventually falter with OGE getting an Earth Shatter blocked, and the Uprising were able to capitalize on this mistake. Boston wins the round and the map, and also snapping their 12 map-losing streak.
Map 2 – Hanamura
Gladiators start first on defense. Mirror chooses Pharah in a rare decision. Boston works their team around the point. The Gladiators were in danger to losing Point A, but Birdring came to the rescue as Ashe. LA manages to stabilize for a while but crumble with 40 seconds remaining and lose Point A.
Boston goes for the high ground and uses multiple Ultimate abilities to chip away at the Gladiators defense. With LA players going down one by one, they were not able to hold at all. Boston takes Point B with 2:22 on the clock.
Gladiator switch to offense. Birdring on Widowmaker was able to get a headshot onto Halo early. They fail to capitalize on the 6 on 5 advantage. LA required two team fights in order to secure Point A with about 3 minutes remaining.
LA tried to take Point B early, but Boston was able to get the upper hand. Boston manages to hold. LA tries to work their way inside on the balcony, but Colourhex on Echo manages to pick one player off to give them less of a chance. Boston manages to whittle down their time. In one last fight, the Gladiators use Gravity Flux, Earth Shatter and other ultimate abilities at their disposal. The Gladiators were finally able to take point B with time expired.
Boston once again goes on offense, so either LA can only manage to draw this map. Gladiators, led by Mirror on Pharah win the first team fight. It seemed as though  LA was going to lose, but they come back to swing the momentum mid-fight and swing the momentum. Boston tries one mad dash to the point before time expires, and while they have traded kills back and forth, Boston was not able to stay on the point. This map goes to a draw.
Map 3 – Watchpoint Gibraltar
Boston starts on offense. BigGoose comes back into play, replacing Paintbrush. A stalemate takes place under the bridge. Shaz Nano-Boosts OGE and Winston as he melts the Uprising like butter. LA holds momentarily. Mirror uses Echo’s duplication ability to transform into Fusions’ Winston to stall time. Colourhex uses his duplication to transform into Briggitte to melee the Glads into submission. Boston takes Point A. Point B was an easy cruise for Boston.
On the path to Point C. Mirror uses a duplication to turn into Reinhardt so the team can keep their distance and the cart from Boston. LA keeps the cart around the corner after two team fights. With time dwindling down, LA have keep the Uprising holed up in their spawn zone.
Gladiators are on offense now. LA starts the first team fight over the bridge. Birdring switches from Sombra to McCree after dying early. OGE and Birdring work strategically to target the Uprising to stop their defenses. LA gets Point A fairly early.
On the way to Point B, a fight breaks out on the plane, as Boston comes out on top. Mirror’s Echo takes down Jerry as Ana, setting the tone for an LA attack and taking Point B quickly.
The short path to the goal came with action early as LA takes Boston by surprise. Boston fights back and manages to hold the payload. Birdring switches to Ashe as Mirror is now McCree. With one last team fight, the ultimate advantage pays off again with Duplication, B.O.B. and Rally. The Gladiators defeat the Uprising and manage to move the payload over the goal to tie up the match.
Map 4 – Blizzard World
Gladiators once again begin on defense. Boston works their way around the shops. Birdring as Sombra hacks Fusions to lead to a team fight win for LA. On the next fight, the Glads hide on the point and prepare for a surprise EMP, taking down the Uprising a second time. Third team fight, Jerry on McCree takes OGE down, but LA is quick to respond and manage to hold Point A. Boston gets nothing.
On offense now, Space takes Fusions out early, but Boston engages in taking out LA’s backline. Boston for the most part were able to read LA’s offenses. Like the last map, the Yaters had one last play in them and they made it count. Using the Nano-Boost on Reinhardt, OGE was able to take it up close and personal, taking the Uprising down soundly. LA only needed a third of Point A and they get it. Gladiators move ahead 2-1.
Map 5 – Lijiang Tower
Round 1 starts with Boston getting to the point first and defending it successfully. Punk manages to get a very fruitful Gravity Flux to win another team fight for Boston. BigGoose gets access to the Sound Barrier at the last second keeping the team alive as Boston gets 99 percent. They finally the point, but Boston gets it back with Jerry on Reaper performing a Death Blossom. Boston gets Point A.
Round 2. Boston wins the first team fight, taking the point. LA gets the point when Boston had it at 99 percent. Boston was able to quickly take it back with Colourhex using Echo’s Duplication for Sigma. Uprising tie the match up 2-2.
Map 6 – Busan
Round 1 begins with Gladiators winning Point A. Mirror had been farming on the Doomfist. Boston takes the point after first taking out Mirror. Gladiators quickly take the point after a battle on the catwalk. Boston takes the point back after Mirror and OGE fall. Back and forth we go as LA wins a team fight with Mirror and Birdring leading the way. Boston quickly takes it back after a fight in a corner and a wasted Graviton Surge from Space. It came down to 99 to 95 percent. Fusions managed to stay alive long enough to swing the momentum in favor of Boston. The Uprising take Round 1.
Round 2 begins. Boston takes the point early. Shaz as Zenyatta uses Transcendence to keep LA alive and take the point from the Uprising. Birdring as Soldier 76 gets off a super-useful Tactical Visor to take down Boston and get the point back. LA was able to get the upper hand late as they get to 99 percent. Gladiators manage to stabilize after Jerry’s B.O.B. attack. While Boston managed to get the point back, Shaz’s Transcendence pays off again while trying to recover. Gladiators take Round 2.
For all the marbles, Round 3. Boston once against wins the first fight and takes the point. LA wastes a lot of time trying to take over. It’s only until Mirror as Echo takes out the tanks from behind that they were able to get the point, and for only a brief moment. Gladiators fall short as Boston celebrates with their first win in months. They’ll certainly move up in the power rankings after that victory.
Player of the Match: Mirror
Mirror was able to shine this match for his cautious play on Echo, getting a number of first blood kills and securing many team fight victories as a result. He has certainly found his niche in Echo, but he still switches to Doomfist from time to time and causes risk for the team.
He was very comfortable this game despite all the shortcomings from the team. However, as teams realize Echo’s weaknesses and disadvantages as time goes on, this can make Echo less fun to play as, so Mirror’s time with Echo may or may not be as permanent.

Previewing Week 16

The May Melee Tournament starts this week, but the field is still to be determined. Thus, their next match is yet to be decided. The Gladiators are labeled the seventh seed in the North American bracket. We will keep you updated on future Gladiators matches for the Overwatch League 2020 season.


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