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LA Gladiators Receive Sweet Revenge from the Shock in Week 10

Los Angeles Gladiators

After handling Dallas the previous week, the Gladiators primed for an Easter Sunday battle against the San Francisco Shock in Week 10. These two teams faced off in Week 8. While LA came out on top back then, the results were a bit different this time around. Anything can happen in the Overwatch League, and this rung true with this week’s games.

Reviewing Week 10

San Francisco Shock: 2-2

2019-09-15 – Overwatch League 2019 Season / Photo: Robert Paul for Blizzard Entertainment
The Gladiators failed to stand against the Shock this week due to two big factors. Firstly, the Shock forced the Gladiators’ hand with a composition that the former loved but the latter wasn’t game with. With Space having to play as Orisa for the most part due to D.Va being out of the hero rotation left the team with very little choice. Space is usually a playmaker, but he was very limited this week.
Secondly, Ans on San Francisco had a highlight reel of a game, playing out of his mind on three different damage heroes (Widowmaker, Tracer and McCree). Ans fit into the Shock’s rotation swimmingly this week, giving OGE and company a rather hard time through the whole match.
Here is how the game went down this week:
Map 1 – Oasis

Round 1 started with San Fran getting the advantage early with a setup that LA didn’t like. The Shock tried to surprise the Gladiators as they were all sneaking into one of the stone rooms. Super missed Earth Shatter as most of the team was able to get away and reach the point. The Gladiators were able to keep the point and get to 100 percent.

Round 2 was at the well. With Ans as Widowmaker and Rascal as Pharah, the Gladiators had no answer as Shock played the long distance game. The Glads never managed to control the point on this round.

Round 3 was extremely close, but it was not their round. The Shock started out with an unorthodox comp that managed to work against the Gladiators. LA was constantly switching to new heroes until they were finally able to take the point, and while it seemed like they were going to put this one away, they weren’t able to take out Moth as Lucio fast enough before reinforcements returned. Shock move ahead 1-0.

Map 2 – Eichenwalde

The Yaters couldn’t stop the Shock until half-way to Point C with over five minutes on the clock. They took point A effortlessly. On Point B, Super as Reinhardt hits a clutch shatter to fend off the Glads as the cart rolled past. The Shock were able to capitalize off a missed Earth Shatter and get to the end with 2:40 remaining.

The Gladiators on offense were pretty dominant as well, even as the Shock were playing in a super-aggressive in-your-face style. With a little bit of struggling, the Gladiators managed to get to the end with about 20 seconds more than the Shock. OGE struck a key Earth Shatter in a corner by the throne to allow LA to power through.

On to another round. The Yaters were on offense first due to having less time remaining. They were not able to penetrate Shock’s defense whatsoever. On defense, Gladiators fell to the Shock one by one and took a third of Point A on the first attempt. Shock puts LA in a hole 2-0.

Map 3 – Volskaya Industries

Aside from Hanamura, this is a map that is certainly not a favorite of LA’s. The Gladiators started on offense, finally busting through and snagging point A with 30 seconds left. Shaz led the team into Point B as they utilized multiple Ultimates strategically to deplete San Francisco’s defense. The Gladiators finish with 2:08 on the clock.

The Shock were on offense next, and they managed to take out LA’s defenses much faster. They take point A with two minutes left. They kept pushing on Point B, and while LA tried standing their ground, they had to cave as they took out each member of LA as they filed out to the point. The Shock finish with 3:49.

On the second go, the Gladiators tried to secure point A, and it was down to the wire, but the Shock hold with two survivors on the point. The Gladiators get zero progress. The Shock go on offense and while OGE under the Immortality field tried to put out the Shock fire, it was too much, as the Gladiators go down. Shock prevail 3-0.

Courtesy of Stewart Volland for Blizzard Entertainment.
Player of the Match: Shaz
Shaz was primarily playing Baptiste all match long. He was a contributor in how Gladiators scored on almost every point, not only keeping the team alive, but also picking off stragglers and flankers. Activating each ability strategically, he gave himself no chance for exposure to San Francisco’s vicious offense. Shaz used high jumps sparingly, he healed the team when needed often, and he was what helped the Gladiators get through this Sunday.
Shaz and BigGoose have always been a useful support duo to LA since the very start of the league, and many are pleasantly surprised that they have been able to still perform as reliably now as they did two seasons ago. Even with Lucio, Zenyatta and Mercy swapping out in certain weeks, they did not miss a beat thus far this season.

Previewing Week 11

Keep checking back to stay posted on who the Gladiators will face this week and next. For Week 11, McCree, Widowmaker, Reinhardt and Brigitte will rotate out of the selection of heroes. Expect the purple and black pack to rebound with a more suitable composition compared to Week 10.

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