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Gladiators Outlast Valiant In 5-Map Thriller In Week 11

Weeknight matches have returned to the Overwatch League, and last Thursday night was when the eighth edition of the “Battle Of LA” took place. The Valiant certainly had some tricks up their sleeve, but the Gladiators were able to prevail in the end, having to go the distance in order to do it.

Reviewing Week 11

Los Angeles Valiant: 2-3

2019-03-07 / Photo: Robert Paul for Blizzard Entertainment
This match wasn’t without its moments however. With strange hero choices abound, there were plenty of entertaining and frustrating events for both teams that took place on each map. The Valiant however are not a team to take lightly, and the Gladiators have learned that the hard way this week. Adapting was certainly a challenge for the purple team.
Here is how the match went down this week:

Map 1 – Busan

Round 1 began with Shax on Tracer eliminating Mirror on Doomfist. Mirror switched to Sombra, and they were able to retake the point early. The Glads managed to halt the Valiant’s momentum with aggressiveness and strategic ultimate abilities. While the Valiant did try putting up a fight, they never got the point back. Gladiators take it 100% to 18%

Round 2 started with Mirror once again on Doomfist, and once again, the Valiant got first blood and took him out. The mech base features tons of choke points that did not give the Glads much leeway. It was not until late in the round when the Gladiators took the point after a long team fight. Valiant win this point 100% to 79%.
Round 3 was a risky map for sure. Shax as Tracer started to pick off Gladiators one by one, allowing the Valiant to take control early. The Valiant managed to win a couple of team fights, as the Gladiators frequently switched characters that reset their Ultimate abilities. Nearly every member of the Gladiators switched on their very last shot to take the point, with BigGoose on Lucio. With Lucio’s sound barrier, they managed to power through and take the point. The Valiant then had to switch heroes, notably KSP off of Ashe and onto Reaper. The Gladiators however stood their ground, and the switch paid off for them. Team Purple scores 1-0.
Map 2 – Route 66
The Gladiators begin offense with Tracer and Sombra as damage heroes. This composition worked for the most part, taking the Valiant out on the very first fight and then some. The Valiant were able to take the momentum a few feet away from Point A. As Birdring switched to Reaper, the Gladiators were able to take the point. The path to Point B was halted early with a bit of luck from the Valiant, as they were able to survive an onslaught and KO’ed them. On the way to Point C, KSP found his mojo on Ashe and was able to fend off the Glads with B.O.B. Birdring on Reaper was able to lead the team into getting it to the end. Gladiators make it in overtime.
On defense, the Gladiators have been able to hold steady early. Shax switches to Pharah, and even so, the Yaters have still been able to stand tall. With four collective ultimate abilities, the Valiant were finally able to get the payload going. On the very last fight outside Point A, the Valiant managed to take control of the cart and take advantage of the battle. Point B was just as difficult for the Valiant, but they were able to catch the Gladiators by surprise with KSP managing to eliminate several key opponents with Ashe. Point B is taken.
Shaz as Moira performs a Coalescence to get the entire Valiant team from behind to stop the payload on the way to Point C. The Gladiators played aggressively and managed to reverse the cart back to the spot of Point B. With 30 seconds to go, the Valiant managed to win a much-needed fight with KSP as Reaper. Further down the path, the Glads managed to stop the payload once and for all short of the goal and take the series 2-0.
Map 3 – Hollywood

Offense for the Gladiators started swimmingly, with the Valiant falling one by one to a coordinated attack inside the cafe. LAG takes point A easily. The Gladiators seemed like they were going to get the payload to the end, but the Valiant were able to win the numbers game and hold the payload for more than two minutes.

On defense, Pharah was back for the Valiant. With Pharah, the Valiant were able to take out the Glads’ defenses pretty soundly and secure Point A. On the way to Point B, the payload hardly stopped moving, as the Gladiators had no answer to the Valiants’ offense after multiple team fights. On Point C, the Gladiators did manage to briefly stop the Valiant inside the studio portion of the map, but the Valiant took it right back with more Ashe play and B.O.B. The Valiant surpassed the Gladiators on the point and get on the board, 2-1.

Map 4 – Hanamura

Gladiators start on defense first. They have been able to hold the Valiant off on Point A for most of the time they had to. The Valiant managed to take Point A with about 30 seconds remaining. The Gladiators were not ready for the storm the Valiant brought, as they took point B rather quickly from them. Because of this, they ended with a time of 2:20.

On offense, the Gladiators were unsure about which heroes to choose at the start. They struggled to penetrate the Valiants’ defenses, with Mirror getting picked off early. They managed to eventually wrestle Point A from their powder-blue rival team. The Gladiators then put on a performance for point B that had much left to be desired, as they were easily stopped having to change up heroes multiple times. The announcers lost it as the Gladiators had a questionable composition. Valiant easily handled the Glads without giving up one percentage point. Game tied 2-2.

Map 5 – Ilios

Birdring started as an Ashe to mirror KSP on the Well map. Mirror was also playing as Pharah to counter Shax. After a long fight for the first control, the Valiant prevailed. On the next fight, Birdring was able to outplay KSP on Ashe, and put his sharpshooting abilities on display. The Valiant were a thorn in the side of the Glads, taking the point back only for the Glads to get it again moments later. The Gladiators stave off the Valiant 100% to 76%.

Round 2 was at the ruins. The Gladiators were able to take the point first. The Valiant were able to gain it back after KSP switched to Tracer. Mirror switched from Doomfist to Torbjorn. KSP’s Pulse Bomb didn’t connect. A self-destruct and Death Blossom from the Gladiators later, they take the point back. The Gladiators took it to 91% until the Valiant got it back. Next fight, the Gladiators scare off the Valiant with a couple more ultimate abilities, stopping their momentum at 79%. The Valiant failed to get a body on the point at the last second, as Space’s Orisa’s halt suspended Dreamer’s Wrecking Ball in the air at nice timing. Ballgame. Gladiators win the match 3-2.

Player of the Match: Shaz
Photo Courtesy of Ben Pursell for the Overwatch League.

Once again, Shaz came through for the Yaters, this time as Moira. Being able to keep the squad alive, Shaz was able to be a key contributor this match, using healing orbs, poison orbs, and Coalescence to help swing around the momentum. This was one of Shaz’s outstanding performances.

Despite the problems late in the match, there were many players that have stepped up their game, namely Space and Birdring, but Shaz has been consistently solid, and his efforts on Moira should not go unnoticed.

Previewing Week 12

We will keep you updated on if or when the Gladiators will play Week 12, with an extensive preview. With the Gladiators starting the season 3-3, they have 22 matches remaining in the season, already playing a majority of their West Division rivalry matches.

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