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Danteh Spoils Kevster’s Debut, Outlaws Stuff Gladiators In Week 20

The Los Angeles Gladiators were at it once again, this time versus the Houston Outlaws. Last week was very satisfying against the Atlanta Reign, but it was a different story here, largely in part due to Tracer specialist Danteh. This was the same difference maker when the Glads played Houston last year, with Danteh being the man of the hour.

Reviewing Week 20

Houston Outlaws: 5-10

Overwatch League Power Rankings
Photo: Robert Paul for Blizzard Entertainment

This week, the Gladiators signed DPS player Kevster, a fresh DPS player who previous played for Team Doge in Overwatch League North American Contenders. The heroes he plays as include Widowmaker, Tracer, Mei and Pharah.

Unfortunately, he did not have the best of debuts, as he nor the rest of the team, was a match for Danteh, This also would be the last week that Sideshow has a contract with Los Angeles, but he in fact was commentary on this match instead.

Here is how this match went down:

Map 1 – Busan
In a curious move, both OGE and LHCloudy played in the tank roles, with Space on the bench. Right off the bat, Danteh had his presence felt, causing the Outlaws to win team fights and control the Rounds in their favor. The Gladiators only seemed to find their footing after they were able to take care of Danteh. In both two Rounds, Danteh was a difference maker, and with LHCloudy playing as Reinhardt, it was like watching a Snowspeeder topple an AT-AT at the Battle of Hoth. Houston gets Rounds 1 and 2 without much of a fight. Outlaws get on the board 1-0.
Map 2 – Rialto
For this map, Space was brought in, replacing LHCloudy. Houston started on offense and were able to dominate all the way to outside of point B. Again, once they were able to subdue Danteh, they were able to take back control of the payload. Then comes Danteh to single-handedly remove the Gladiators from the scene one by one, causing the payload to move again. The announcers are losing it.

Offense wasn’t much of a problem for the Yaters, and were able to fare better against Danteh for the most part. With fundamental team play, they were able to get a better time than Houston on the first runaround. The Gladiators seemed to have better matchups in playing against the same composition as the other team, except for Danteh; the Tracer play of Birdring or Kevster do not compare.

For the second attempt on offense, Kevster was able win a pivotal team fight on the path to Point A. At the last moments, Houston comes back and Danteh flanks the Gladiators, stopping their push. On Houston’s second go at offense, they were able to get past LA’s stopping point fairly easily. Outlaws pull away 2-0.

Map 3 – King’s Row
On this map, LH Cloudy was a substitute for OGE. Historically, this is the Gladiators’ best map. The Gladiators were able to get the upper hand all the way to Point C, using strategy and flanks that generally outsmarted Houston. They finish their offense with less than 3 minutes; very pleasing to see.
When Gladiators switch to defense, Dantah plays as Mei for the first time, but were very aggressive right from the start. The Gladiators were only able to stop the Outlaws right outside Point C, thanks to Ultimate abilities from Kevster and Shaz as Mei and Baptiste, respectively. Form there, LA was able to take control of the map from there on out, using the right strategies at the right places and times. LH Cloudy was even able to flank with an Earth Shatter as Reinhardt. Houston does make it to the end, but not without time expiring first.
The Gladiators only get the chance to score this map, otherwise they tie. When the Gladiators were able to get on the point, the Outlaws struggled to answer, and thus, the Gladiators score 1-2.
Map 4 – Hanamura
OGE replaces LHCloudy this map. Gladiators start on offense. The Outlaws were able to hold the first fight, but Kevster on Tracer was able to outplay them on the next. They took Point A with little problems, but Point B was very difficult yet again. Gladiators were able to get a third of Point B from having Birdring’s B.O.B. on the point. They were not able to follow up due to Linkzr as Widowmaker and Danteh as Tracer.
On defense, the Gladiators were quickly subdued by Linkzr as Widowmaker. While that was the problem on Point A, it was Danteh as usual for Point B, taking out a couple of Gladiators players and clearing the area for the Outlaws. Houston gets the win 3-1.
Player of the Match: Kevster
Kevster had a good showing on his debut, being serviceable as Tracer, Ashe, and Mei. Certainly didn’t make any mistakes or cost the team any big plays, he filled in for Mirror and Jaru, albeit didn’t show off any unique play.
With the Gladiators having 4 damage players they have a wide rotation of serviceable players, but Birdring is typically the only one they don’t swap due to his accuracy. With Echo being available next week, hopefully this means either Mirror or Kevster can showcase his skills. D Va. will also be back in the fold next week, which would be good news for Space particularly.

Previewing Week 21

Next week, the Gladiators will play the Washington Justice. LA were able to sweep this South Division team 3-0 in the May Melee Tournament.

Washington Justice: 3-12

Washington Justice Supports
Photo Courtesy of Blizzard
The Justice have been facing a very rough season. Not only have they had some bad luck constantly facing very tough teams, but the foundation that has garnered the team the little success that it had diminishing as the team gradually worked towards an all-Korean roster compared to the beginning of the season.
Stitch and Jjanu have come from the Vancouver Titans. While this new team gels together, they may be even tougher than we once thought. Ark, Aimgod and Roar also come from successful teams in the previous year, so a storm is certainly brewing over in Washington.
Prediction: Gladiators win 3-1.

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