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Los Angeles Gladiators Week 13 Preview

On Sunday, May 3rd, the Los Angeles Gladiators play the Toronto Defiant. This will be the first time that the Gladiators will face a team in the previously-alleged Atlantic Conference. The whole league has been re-organized into “North American” and “Asian” groups, considering the abrupt nature of online play. The match between Toronto and Los Angeles will close out Week 13.

Previewing Week 13

Toronto Defiant: 4-5

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Via Toronto Defiant Flickr

The Defiant have not had the opportunity to face many tough teams thus far this season, typically have played the likes of Boston, Washington and Florida in the last month. The Gladiators will certainly be their biggest challenge since they faced Atlanta on February 29.

Toronto will feature a familiar face that the Gladiators organization will know quite well: Surefour. He will certainly be swapped in and out throughout the match with another damage veteran Logix. The Gladiators are out to prove they’ve made upgrades to their own damage line.

The Defiant roster is replete with veterans that come from great teams in previous years. Agilities plays the flex DPS, Nevix is the flex tank, and Kellex and Kariv are their two supports. Beast is Toronto’s main tank, and arguably the least experienced of the group. Even so, he had been a breakout star for the past two years in Philadelphia Fusion University.

Widowmaker and McCree are two heroes who are once again out of the hero pool this week. Both teams have relied on these heroes to make big plays, so it will be interesting to see which heroes will steal the show this Sunday. The two other characters that are out of rotation are Wrecking Ball and Mercy.

Player to Watch: OGE

OGE has been worth his weight in gold this season for LA, but we are very curious how he will fare without Wrecking Ball available. While the Defiant will opt for heroes designed to take out tanks, the purple and black pack will need to count on him to stay alive if they cannot manage to keep him alive.

Space on the other hand should be comfortable by playing as either D. Va or Sigma. While Toronto will certainly try to use creativity to bring the Gladiators down, OGE and Space are two players that you can count on to prepare for it. This author predicts that the Defiant will win the Control map, but the Gladiators will soundly claim the Escort, Assault and Hybrid maps.

Prediction – LA Gladiators win (3-1)

Stay tuned for recaps and updates on everything purple and black!
Featured Photo courtesy of the Los Angeles Gladiators’ Twitter

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