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Los Angeles Gladiators Take Titans To The Limit, Cave In Map 5

Los Angeles Gladiators

The Los Angeles Gladiators came up short against the Vancouver Titans in their first match of the 2020 season.

The Gladiators saw flashes of brilliance throughout a very sound Vancouver squad, but weren’t able to pull off the upset in map 5. Regardless, they played phenomenally well, and there are good signs for the rest of the season.

Reviewing Week 1

Vancouver Titans: 0-0

Vancouver Titans
Robert Paul for Blizzard Entertainment

Map 1 – Nepal

The Titans started off strong in Round 1 and played the numbers game, as the Gladiators were never able to get out of the starting blocks. A few strategic plays paid off for LA around the point to rout the Titans in Round 2. LHCloudy worked his magic with clutch kills and earth shatters in round 3 to secure the map for the Purple and Black.

Map 2 – King’s Row

King’s Row is usually a map that LA loves to play, but the outcome here left much to be desired. Gladiators started on offense strong, but weren’t able to reach the end by the Titan’s spawn point. While the Glads did have their moments on defense, they ultimately caved from big plays from Fissure.

Map 3 – Hanamura

The Titans steamrolled the Gladiators on both offense and defense to take their second map. LA was never able to find their rhythm to stave off Vancouver for long, and that led Haksal and Fissure to take opportune plays to control the match in their favor.

Map 4 – Dorado

Mirror and OGE replaced Jaru and LHCloudy, respectively. Just as the momentum was continuing for Vancouver, the Gladiators managed to stop the Titans at the very end of point B. On offense, it came down to a thrilling last fight with LA breaking on through to force a Map 5.

Map 5 –  Lijiang

The Titans closed the door on LA in just two maps. While the Glads fought hard to nearly win Round 1, Round 2 was an uphill battle, as they were not able to keep up with Vancouver’s aggressive tempo.

Player of the Match: Space

Space performed phenomenally with his big D.Va play as always. He had managed to cancel multiple Blizzards from Haksal and deliver some very prolific Self-Destructs throughout the match that gave LA a lot of momentum. This is the kind of performance we are expecting from the tank player every match.

Previewing Week 2

Due to the Coronavirus outbreak, the Pacific West’s trip to China has been cancelled, and it is still unknown at this time when the Gladiators and other teams will face off against teams from the Pacific East on their home turf. We will keep you posted for updates on when these matches will take place.


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