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London Spitfire Overwatch

The London Spitfire Want to Take on the OG Team

Sanguinar London Spitfire

[Author’s note: Translations during the interview courtesy of London Spitfire General Manager, Seunghwan “Robin” Lee.]

The London Spitfire have been on a tear as they’ve defeated not just one but two homestand home teams in the past two weeks. Currently on a three game winning streak, they are entering a bye week to adjust to hero pools before taking on heavy hitters, the Philadelphia Fusion and the Atlanta Reign. The Game Haus was able to speak with them briefly following their victory over the Florida Mayhem.

Last week and this week you had to play the home team and you won both times. How does that feel?

SanGuiNar: The DC match we reversed swept them and here in Houston we were winning 2-0, and they caught up to us. But we won on the last map. I think it’s been really, really fun watching the arenas turn into a library. 

Is there anything that the team did specifically that you would have changed in today’s match against Florida? And then on the reverse side, is there anything you all did that you’re actually really proud of?

Krillin: I think as a 12-man squad we are still pretty inexperienced compared to other teams and other players in terms of stage experience. I think our weakest showings today, and all the other games actually, probably stems from us becoming a little too relaxed when we’re winning. Like not focusing until the end of the teamfight or whatnot. On the other hand, the parts that do go well in our favor are the team fights in maps that we stay focused throughout the entire map.

Since you are a newer team, what has it been like outside of the game? Has it been hard adapting to a new living situation? 

SanGuiNar: JMac and Krillin have been a part of a team and lived together with their teams in a team house before but I haven’t. So I’m guessing from my experience in the past when I was just playing online with my teammates, it kind of felt like everyone was just improving individually, mechanically. But right now, when I’m living with the team, and we’re basically living Overwatch 24/7 it feels like everyone is improving incredibly quickly, not just in terms of individual mechanics, but also in terms of teamwork, understanding of the game, and that kind of stuff. So yeah, it’s been really, really fun to see everyone growing incredibly fast and everyone is giving each other feedback, positive feedback, constructive criticism, etc.

How do you plan to use the upcoming bye week to prepare for your matches against two of the biggest teams, the Philadelphia Fusion and the Atlanta Reign? And how will hero pools affect those matches?

JMac: So Philly and Atlanta are both really really big names. They have been really strong since last season and they’re mostly unchanged. So it’s going to be challenging to face them. But given that nobody has actually seen the hero pools in action I think it’s a little bit early to say what’s going to happen. I think it will help us gain a bit of an upper hand given that it puts us on an even playing field of sorts. But even right now, if we played them in the current meta with the current state of our team, I think we would be able to at least go even with them.

With the first London homestand coming up in a few weeks, is there anything you are looking forward to doing in London?

Krillin: So I have been to London back when I was in middle school but it’s been a while. I think if I go back I would really love to be able to visit the British Museum and that kind of stuff. Because when I was young, I didn’t really appreciate any of that, but now things like museums and art galleries kind of speak to me a little bit.

JMac: British football has always been very famous. I would love to be able to squeeze in the time to go watch a football match live if I can!

SanGuiNar: King’s Row is the London map. We’ve lost both times on King’s Row. I want to go in front of Big Ben, take a photo, and get all the luck so we can win all the King’s Row maps from now on.

London Spitfire

Photo Courtesy of Robert Paul for Blizzard Entertainment

Finally, is there any team or maybe a specific player that you’re looking forward to playing against this season?

Krillin: I can’t wait to play Seoul. They have a lot of Gen-1 London players with Gesture, Profit, and Bdosin. I am absolutely going to defeat them on stage!

JMac: So I was a part of LGE.Huya, which is a contender’s team that’s a subsidiary under Chengdu Hunters. I want to be able to play against them, defeat them, and make fun of them. Because they’re really good friends.

SanGuiNar: It’ll have to be Seoul Dynasty for me as well. I was a U-18 [under 18] player for them. And I think there’s nothing more fun than watching a player that has left a team play against that team.


Featured Image Courtesy of Ben Pursell for Blizzard Entertainment

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