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Overwatch League Recap: London vs Hangzhou

Spitfire 3-1 Spark

Birdring vs. Profit’s Zarya stats

The Spitfire have finally found their footing in the 3-3 meta and looked dominant against the Spark in today’s match. Notably, London has swapped Ji Hyeok “birdring” Kim out of the starting lineup, instead placing Junyoung “Profit” Park on Zarya duty and moving Hee Dong “Guard” Lee onto the Brigitte role. This new lineup’s performance is much stronger than what we’ve seen previously this season, and should bode well for future matches.

Ilios – Spitfire 2-0 Spark

Hangzhou started out on Well with an Orisa-McCree bunker composition, while London opted for a Winston-centered 3-3 lineup. Though the Spark were able to take the point initially, London’s re-engagement caused a quick point flip back in their favor. Hangzhou attempted to mirror London’s composition on subsequent pushes, but were ultimately unsuccessful in recapturing the point.

On Ruins, both teams ran mirrored Winston-GOATS compositions. Excellent Zarya play from Profit allowed London to get early picks in every teamfight, repeatedly leaving Hangzhou unable to effectively push onto the point. The Spitfire looked utterly dominant, capturing the point 100-0 to win the map 2-0.

Numbani – Spitfire 2-1 Spark

London had quite a slow offense onto Numbani point A, looking hesitant to engage with the Spark’s defense. The Spitfire were unable to effectively engage until they could piggyback off the space-making ultimates of Jaehui “Gesture” Hong and Junho “Fury” Kim. They successfully capped the first point with 30 seconds on the clock remaining, but were unable to capture point B.

The Spitfire’s defense started strong, repeatedly shutting down Hangzhou’s slow Reinhardt-centric attacks thanks to Gesture’s stellar Winston play. While the Spark were able to capture the point thanks to a well placed graviton from Kyeong-bo “GodsB” Kim, London repeatedly shut them down as they pushed the cart. Things looked to be finally going the Spark’s way just as the payload was approaching its destination, with Jae-hwan “Adora” Kang getting an early pick on Jong-seok “NUS” Kim. Nevertheless, London turned the tides with a spectacular Graviton Surge from Profit, securing a team kill as the clock ran out to win the map 2-1.

Horizon Lunar Colony – Spitfire 2-0 Spark

Fastest Horizon Lunar Colony captures

London had the Spark’s number on their first attack on Horizon. An early pick on Seong-Wook “Ria” Park’s mech caused Hangzhou to play passively until he could re-mech. This allowed London to push onto the point aggressively, quickly taking point A. The Spitfire continued their seemingly unstoppable push with a grav-bomb combo that caught GodsB and secured the fastest Horizon point B take yet this season.

The Spark ran Reaper during their offense in an attempt to melt the tanks in London’s 3-3 composition. However, the Spark couldn’t effectively make use of this strategy; the Spitfire dismantled each push with early picks and smart positioning to nullify Reaper’s value. The Spark weren’t able to capture point A, winning London the map 2-0.

Dorado – Spitfire 2-3 Spark

London’s offensive pushes were slow, but somehow managed to do the job. The Spark had a formidable defense, but it consistently faltered when it mattered most. London was able to capture point A right before time ran out, then did the same thing on point B. Hangzhou finally came together to shut down London’s offense before they could take point C.

The Spitfire struggled more with Hangzhou’s offense; Bdosin was caught off early on from a spawn snipe from GodsB on Widowmaker. London’s defense continued to waver as Hangzhou pressed forward. D.Va bombs from Ria consistently opened up fights for the Spark, who capitalized on them to tear apart the remains of London’s defense. The Spark handily took the map 3-2.


London came out in full force today, looking the best they have yet this season. Placing Profit on Zarya duty and Guard on Brigitte has dramatically improved how the team looks in this 3-3 meta. Stellar tank play from Gesture and Fury further allowed London to shine for the first time since the season started. Hopefully the team’s synergy continues to strengthen now that they’ve found a strong starting lineup.

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