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Overwatch League Recap: London Spitfire vs. Paris Eternal

Paris Eternal

Spitfire 4-0 Eternal

Looking to make up for their loss against Paris in Stage 1, the London Spitfire came into this match with high hopes. With both teams in much different standings than the beginning of the Stage 1, London delivered a much stronger performance than in their last matchup. While London showed signs of weakness playing into Paris’ Wrecking Ball compositions, their dominance on 3-3 allowed them to take the victory against the Eternal in Dallas.

Busan: Spitfire 2-0 Eternal

Image courtesy of the Overwatch League

London looked unprepared for Roni “LhCloudy” Tiihonen’s Wrecking Ball on MEKA Base. Paris succeeded at disrupting London’s positioning, keeping them off the point until 78% capture. Once London took the point and forced LhCloudy onto Reinhardt, they looked uncontested. Jaehui “Gesture” Hong had two well-timed Earthshatters that allowed the Spitfire to freely pick off members of the Eternal. They ran the point from 0 to 100 to take a 1-0 lead.

After an extended power outage put a pause on the action, both teams kicked back into gear on Sanctuary. Ji Hyeok “BIRDRING” Kim got an early pick onto Terence “SoOn” Tarlier to end Paris’ first push and let London take the point. While London kept the point in their control after their next fight, they gave the point up to the Eternal in their third engagement. Fortunately, the next team fight went in London’s favor, and their previously gained control percentage allowed them to fully take the point before Paris could touch. London took Busan 2-0.

Anubis: Spitfire 2-1 Eternal

Robert Paul for Blizzard Entertainment

London ran 3-3 with Baptiste instead of Brigitte into Paris’ bunker defense. SoOn’s Widowmaker and Karol “Danye” Szcześniak’s Bastion shut down London’s pushes repeatedly until time had nearly run out. However, the Spitfire had a full ultimate bank to work with as the clock ticked down, muscling their way onto point A with the help of Junho “Fury” Kim’s self-destruct and BIRDRING’s amplification matrix. After taking point A, Junyoung “Profit” Park’s graviton helped London secure point B in a snowball push, but not without an admirable stall from the Paris defense. London ended round 1 with 2:38 in the bank.

Paris ran triple DPS on their offense into London’s Winston 3-3. Once again, LhCloudy’s Hammond caught London off guard, enabling a quick point A take for Paris. A two-man barrage from Danye helped keep Paris’ chance at a snowball alive, but ultimately Paris couldn’t secure kills fast enough to complete the map. Paris’ point B pushes were woefully unsuccessful, repeatedly shut down by early picks and questionable ult usage. London continued to stave off Paris push after push, ultimately holding point B to take Anubis 2-1.

King’s Row: Spitfire 5-4 Eternal

Paris led on Kings Row again with a bunker composition running SoOn on Widowmaker. London anticipated this, and ran Profit on Widow to remove his counterpart from the fight. The Paris defense crumbled shortly thereafter, giving the Spitfire almost 5 minutes for their streets phase. Paris gave up point B for free, and only got their footing right before the Spitfire could roll into point C. Their stabilization was short lived; London won the next engagement handily, finishing King’s Row with just over three minutes remaining.

Photo: Robert Paul for Blizzard Entertainment

Paris ran a similar composition on their attack round as on their Anubis point A offense, opting for SoOn on the Soldier instead of Widowmaker. For the third time this match, London looked unprepared against Paris’ Wrecking Ball centric lineups; Paris took point A without much of a fight. On the route to point B, London held off Paris’ triple DPS strategy, but lost the point once they switched to Sombra Goats. Point C was a series of back and forth fights, but in the end Paris came out victorious, completing the map just before overtime could kick in.

Stellar Sombra play from Nicolas “NiCOgdh” Moret removed Fury from the first fight and allowed Paris to set up a crossfire to take out Gesture. While this allowed the Eternal to take point A, their short timebank sent them into overtime just as the point was captured. The Spitfire regrouped quickly, and secured a kill onto NiCOgdh to cripple Paris’ attack power. They ended the round with the cart held at the first choke headed into point B.

In a first for the Overwatch League, Gesture picked off SoOn with a headshot as Widowmaker. This early pick led to a quick point A take for London that Paris could not recover from. The Spitfire matched the Eternals’ payload distance to win the map 5-4.

Junkertown: Spitfire 3-1 Eternal

Image courtesy of Gamescom

The Spitfire opened Junkertown running a variant of Sombra Goats, with Seungtae Bdosin” Choi on Moira and Profit on Sombra. While LhCloudy was again on Wrecking Ball, the bigger thorn in London’s side was Danye’s Widowmaker. He, In tandem with NiCOgdh on Sombra, kept London at bay and helped the Eternal nearly prevent a point A capture. In the nick of time, the Spitfire came into their own, and edged their way to point A. Point B was a steamroll comparatively, with London winning a single team fight to take the second checkpoint. Point C was a closer matchup between these teams, but London nonetheless brute forced their way to completing the map in overtime.

London began their defense on standard Goats, but Paris’ pirate ship strategy coming out of spawn shut them down early. After giving up point A uncontested, London managed to dislodge SoOn’s Bastion in the point B streets phase. Forcing the Eternal back onto standard 3-3, London had a much easier time holding off Paris. The Spitfire’s early picks onto the members of Paris, along with quickly charged gravitons from Profit, allowed them to stop the Eternal before point B.


The Spitfire have come a long way from their first match against the Eternal last stage. Now that they’ve found a lineup and playstyle that works for them, the Spitfire continue to improve their consistency against even unique compositions like Paris’ today. After such a dominant performance today, London look poised to put up similar results in tomorrow’s match against Chengdu.


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